Anglo American Platinum Ltd. ADR(AGPPY)- OTCPK - Current
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    At 0.78 the Platinum Gold Ratio Just Reached 20 Year Low $LNMIF $LNMIY $PLG $AGPPY $NILSY $SWC $VALE $GLNCY
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        Have Your Portfolio Go Platinum - Miners Or ETFs $AGPPY, $PPLT
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            List of South Africa ADRs / mining stocks $AGPPY $EXXAY $WWRSY $KIROY $NMPNY $NMPNY $TRHXY $IMPUY
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                Agnico Eagle Mines $AEM A Safe Gold Investment, 2014 Palladium Deficit $AGPPY EU trade deal $VRX $BBRY $AAPL
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                    Will Aquarius Platinum's Best Efforts Come Up Short? $AGPPY
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                        AGPPY.PK fired 12,000 workers in South Africa taking part in a three-week illegal strike. AU AAUKY.PK
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                            Anglo Platinum $AGPPY.PK gives back 5.24% after running up most of October.
                              Company Description
                              Anglo Platinum Ltd. is the holding company for a group of companies which operate platinum mines. In addition to platinum, the group mines and produces platinum group metals such as palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium, nickel, copper and cobalt.
                              Industry: Gold
                              Country: South Africa