Apollo Gold Corp.
AGT is defunct.
  • tradepreciousmetals | Send Message 9 Mar 2012

    AGT American Silver and Gold accused of bilking consumers... AG froze assets,
      • DFraser | Send Message 22 Feb 2010

        Held U.S. steel (X) overnight..looking into other metals..FCX, SCCO, NEM, AGT, TLR
          • Retirefund | Send Message 24 Jan 2010

            Some skill (and luck) building cash in Jan. keeping powder dry to buy tech, gold and green energy on the dips. Wilan Tech BLDP TD ECA AGT
              • mjrcme | Send Message 30 Nov 2009

                Junior Gold Stocks like: BGLPF, CGR, AGT, KGILF, XRA, CLHRF, EANRF
                  • Sportguy69 | Send Message 7 Sep 2009

                    London:VGM,RBS,LLOY; USA:AGT,LYG,C,AGM I'm invested in gold because I build gold mines! They are very profitable. And I'm in Banks!