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  • The GeoTeam | Send Message 17 Apr 2014

    New Due Diligence Strengthens Short Thesis On American Heritage $AHII http://seekingalpha.com/a/1a0lb
      • The GeoTeam | Send Message 3 Apr 2014

        American Heritage International Business License Shown As Expired In Nevada $AHII http://seekingalpha.com/p/1o7vf
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        • The GeoTeam | Send Message 10 Apr 2014
          : We think the active status is for the agent that has a job of registering companies. The agent is active not AHII, as we see it. You?
        • bidwacker | Send Message 11 Apr 2014
          : I actually phoned the company and asked, they stated it was re-registered March 30th, 2014... not sure how to read the Nevada State Doc.
          • The GeoTeam | Send Message 2 Apr 2014

            American Heritage International - More Problems Than Just A Pump And Dump $AHII http://seekingalpha.com/a/19hgz
              • RAFAELOPEZ | Send Message 25 Mar 2014

                Hi, I'm investor $AHII, Do you think that the American Heritage Cigarretes is a good product, and they are incresing the sellers. Thank you.
                  • Penny Stock Realist | Send Message 25 Mar 2014

                    American Heritage International Inc: Why I Expect This $155 Million Company To Dump Big $AHII http://seekingalpha.com/a/1964x
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                    • NH Erik | Send Message 25 Mar 2014
                      : Either way, I'm out with only a small loss. I very much appreciate what you do, and am immediately a follower. Your track record is great!!
                    • Penny Stock Realist | Send Message 25 Mar 2014
                      : Thank you. Glad you prevented big losses.
                      • User 18442352 | Send Message 24 Mar 2014

                        Can anyone explain what is going on with $AHII?
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                        • NH Erik | Send Message 24 Mar 2014
                          : I've spent an hour online this morning looking through about a dozen articles. Nothing negative, unless selling out is negative!
                        • User 18442352 | Send Message 24 Mar 2014
                          : Selling is negative when you're on the wrong side, but it's good to know that nothing negative is foing on in fundamentals...
                          • NH Erik | Send Message 24 Mar 2014

                            $AHII Every time good news comes out, the price drops! 7-11- Down, Sells out- Down, Chevron- Down... Baffling!!
                              • bidwacker | Send Message 17 Mar 2014

                                $AHII, nice news, American Heritage(TM) Welcomes Former 'Winston Man,' David Goerlitz, as Spokesperson and Advisory Board Member
                                  • bidwacker | Send Message 16 Mar 2014

                                    $AHII, check out http://bit.ly/1hmEdcH .. informative, little promotional .. but I liked it
                                      • QualityStocks | Send Message 30 Jan 2014

                                        American Heritage International Inc. (AHII) To Sponsor Bauman Racing In General Tire Mint 400 Race $AHII http://seekingalpha.com/p/1kcfd