Atheronova, Inc.OTCQB
AHRO is defunct.
  • Bajorek | Send Message 29 Oct 2014

    Long $AHRO on the news. Market undervaluing... $0.75/sh option, stock should be near to the $0.75/sh mark.
      • user9441051 | Send Message 19 Jun 2014

        No real $AHRO news. A couple weak stories online about a guy who invested or something....mentioned the stock "languishing". I'm buying!
          • Bajorek | Send Message 16 Jun 2014

            does anyone know why $AHRO is falling heavily? I cannot find any news...
              • NB MD | Send Message 24 Apr 2014

                $AHRO get ready for positive phase 1 data release and initiation of phase 2 near the end of the 20 day period.
                  • LostOkie51 | Send Message 22 Apr 2014

                    $AHRO, WOW! Am I understanding this right?: holders of between 100 and 1,000 shares received 100 shares of our common stock after the
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                    • LostOkie51 | Send Message 24 Apr 2014
                      : Not a big deal. But a really good deal for the shareholder as he still has 100 shares even after the split. Again, unless I'm
                    • LostOkie51 | Send Message 24 Apr 2014
                      : not understanding this correctly. Right?
                      • NB MD | Send Message 17 Mar 2014

                        $AHRO is just getting approval for the option of a reverse split. They would use this to uplist to NYSE.
                          • Bajorek | Send Message 13 Mar 2014

                            After a hefty amount of research - long position in $AHRO. Here is to the upside!
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                            • lemmema2 | Send Message 17 Mar 2014
                              : just read the pre-14A. $AHRO is proposing reverse split 1:5 at meeting held in mid april. http://bit.ly/1idnMkI
                            • Bajorek | Send Message 18 Mar 2014
                              : Very interesting and should help them get onto exchanges and be more transparent. So I guess I will wait to hold off buying more until split
                              • NB MD | Send Message 2 Mar 2014

                                AtheroNova Deserves More Attention $AHRO http://seekingalpha.com/p/1m85h
                                  • NB MD | Send Message 28 Feb 2014

                                    $AHRO had its largest volume in history yesterday but not yet fully appreciated
                                      • NB MD | Send Message 28 Feb 2014

                                        I have a good sized position in $AHRO and have been in for 1 year. This stock will continue to break out over the next few months.