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AHRO is defunct.
  • Bajorek | Send Message 29 Oct 2014

    Long $AHRO on the news. Market undervaluing... $0.75/sh option, stock should be near to the $0.75/sh mark.
      • user9441051 | Send Message 19 Jun 2014

        No real $AHRO news. A couple weak stories online about a guy who invested or something....mentioned the stock "languishing". I'm buying!
          • Bajorek | Send Message 16 Jun 2014

            does anyone know why $AHRO is falling heavily? I cannot find any news...
              • NB MD | Send Message 24 Apr 2014

                $AHRO get ready for positive phase 1 data release and initiation of phase 2 near the end of the 20 day period.
                  • LostOkie51 | Send Message 22 Apr 2014

                    $AHRO, WOW! Am I understanding this right?: holders of between 100 and 1,000 shares received 100 shares of our common stock after the
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                    • LostOkie51 | Send Message 24 Apr 2014
                      : Not a big deal. But a really good deal for the shareholder as he still has 100 shares even after the split. Again, unless I'm
                    • LostOkie51 | Send Message 24 Apr 2014
                      : not understanding this correctly. Right?
                      • NB MD | Send Message 17 Mar 2014

                        $AHRO is just getting approval for the option of a reverse split. They would use this to uplist to NYSE.
                          • Bajorek | Send Message 13 Mar 2014

                            After a hefty amount of research - long position in $AHRO. Here is to the upside!
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                            • lemmema2 | Send Message 17 Mar 2014
                              : just read the pre-14A. $AHRO is proposing reverse split 1:5 at meeting held in mid april.
                            • Bajorek | Send Message 18 Mar 2014
                              : Very interesting and should help them get onto exchanges and be more transparent. So I guess I will wait to hold off buying more until split
                              • NB MD | Send Message 2 Mar 2014

                                AtheroNova Deserves More Attention $AHRO
                                  • NB MD | Send Message 28 Feb 2014

                                    $AHRO had its largest volume in history yesterday but not yet fully appreciated
                                      • NB MD | Send Message 28 Feb 2014

                                        I have a good sized position in $AHRO and have been in for 1 year. This stock will continue to break out over the next few months.
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                                          AtheroNova Inc. is an early stage biotech company focused on discovery, research, development and licensing of novel compounds to reduce or regress atherosclerotic plaque deposits. Atherosclerotic plaque, which progressively narrows and blocks arteries, is the main underlying pathology of... More
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