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AIBYY is defunct.
  • Night Heron | Send Message 14 Aug 2014

    ADRs Of Allied Irish Banks Are Overpriced, Will Be Redeemed Friday For $1.22 $AIBYY
      • Night Heron | Send Message 13 Aug 2014

        Entering their final days, ADRs of Allied Irish Banks are *still* overpriced. $AIBYY
          • Joshua Heller | Send Message 7 May 2014

            A Random Walk Down SeekingAlpha $YHOO, $AIBYY, $DIN
              • Night Heron | Send Message 3 May 2014

                ADRs Of Allied Irish Banks Now Worth $1.19; Will Be Redeemed Near That Amount In 7 Months. $AIBYY
                  • Brice Mckalip | Send Message 24 Mar 2014

                    AlphaVille points out $AIBYY is still a mispriced ADR with an absurdly overvalued Irish price.
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                    • Brice Mckalip | Send Message 24 Mar 2014
                      : Only $200k/d but shares available to short.
                    • ehreman | Send Message 16 Apr 2014
                      : Hard to borrow AIBYY. But 80% downside in underlying. Catalysts: share consolidation by year end, gov sales.
                      • Studioso Research | Send Message 25 Oct 2013

                        Our new article: Unprofitable Allied Irish Banks At 4.98 Times Book Value - An Absurd Valuation $AIBYY
                          • Mike Maher | Send Message 15 Jan 2013

                            $AIBYY.OB off to the races, possibly on news that Irelands stake in the banks is worth 3x more than thought
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                            • taharqa11 | Send Message 15 Jan 2013
                              : I put 15% of my portfolio in IRE in November at 5.40. Still holding most of it at 8.50. I love Ireland now!
                              • Linus Wilson | Send Message 24 Aug 2011

                                These firms rolled their commercial paper onto the Fed: GKM, GMA, GOM, KBCSY.PK, ING, AIBYY.OB See pages 29-30 of
                                  • Nick Pollari | Send Message 4 Aug 2011

                                    AIBYY.OB announcing a delist from NYSE, probably the most appropriate action as the bank as limited time. If nothing happens soon it goes under.
                                      • David Pinsen | Send Message 8 Jun 2011

                                        Out of my $1 strike (pre- reverse split) Aug puts on AIBYY.OB for a 25% gain.
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                                          Industry: Foreign Money Center Banks
                                          Country: Ireland