Aixtron Aktiengesellschaft

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  • wilkinson99 | Send Message 8 Jan

    Premarket Top % Losers: $CUDA -28%, $TTNP -27%, $TCS -25%, $SXE -14%, $AEO -12%, $LSG -10% $UVXY $TVIX $GPS $HMY $EXK $DHDX $ABX $AIXG $USLV
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    • X Oil-Field | Send Message 21 Jan
      : What's Behind the Global Selloff in Equities? This Is one of the best $OIL interviews I've seen in some time. Axel Merk 'nailed it'.
    • X Oil-Field | Send Message 21 Jan
      : ''Just need ACTUAL [BKs] bankrupts.'' $AXAS $BBEP $REN $SXE $UPL Bloomberg Chris Lau SA
      • Vector Informatics | Send Message 1 Jan

        Aixtron Securities Investigation $AIXG
          • Eric Muathe | Send Message 22 Nov 2015

            [VIDEO REPOST] Wknd WORLD Mrkt Anlyss 11/22/15 $ABEV $UGP $WIT $VEDL $MBT $HDB $VNET $JOBS $PHI $AIXG $DB $AMX
              • Eric Muathe | Send Message 15 Nov 2015

                [VIDEO REPOST] Weekend WORLD Market Analysis 11/15/15 $ABEV $UGP $WIT $VEDL $MBT $HDB $VNET $JOBS $PHI $AIXG $AMX
                  • Stockerblog | Send Message 30 Jun 2015

                    Aixtron Is The Top Stock In The Graphene Industry $AIXG
                      • DSC214 | Send Message 22 Apr 2014

                        $HYSR $HYGS $FCEL $PLUG $CVV $AIXG Graphene Fuel Cell Catalyst Claimed to Outperform Platinum Equivalent
                          • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 24 Apr 2013

                            Fuinhaz Setups for April 24 2013 | $AIXG $ARNA $ASML $BMC $BRCM $DGIT $GOLD $NFLX | SharePlanner
                              • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 27 Mar 2013

                                Fuinhaz Setups for March 27 2013 | $AIXG $BSFT $CETV $EA $TEVA $QRVO $SONC $SWHC $INVA | SharePlanner
                                  • ZetaKap | Send Message 16 Oct 2012

                                    5 Small Cap Industrial Stocks Poised For Growth And Loaded With Cash $AIXG $CPAC $GFF $PRLB $TASR @ZetaKap
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                                    • jimmy4winners | Send Message 22 Jan 2014
                                      : GFF USG both great Company's
                                      • ZetaKap | Send Message 18 Sep 2012

                                        3 Industrial Stocks With Minimal Debt Headed For Growth $AIXG $ESIO $STRL @ZetaKap
                                          Company Description
                                          Aixtron SE provides deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry. Its solutions are used to build components for electronic and opto-electronic applications based on compound, silicon, or organic semiconductor materials.