ALA is defunct.
  • Elliott Gue | Send Message 22 Sep 2014

    Our latest on N. American propane exports: $EPD, $OILT, $DPM, $ETP, $PBA, $ALA, $NGLS, $SXL
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        I talked about Canadian energy stocks on Business News Network a few days ago. $ALA, $ERF Check it:
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        • DAG Investments | Send Message 2 Oct 2013
          : Nice,thanks. I use to do some work with the folks at BNN ... nice that they actually let you finish your sentences, huh? lol
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            Dividend Yields: The Dividend Guy's Portfolio With 8 Percent Payout + + $HSE $POW $T $DGI.UN $ALA $AT $FTN $PKI $WRK.UN
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                PORTUGAL bests Italy's earlier auction sells max available- 3.1 times over-subscribed w. a much lower yield no EU crisis ALA PIIGS sell bnds