Alon USA Energy, Inc.(ALJ)- NYSE
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    $ALJ over 8 bucks now. What was OM's last add published?
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      : first add was ~$8.70, added again at ~$6.36. up ~8% if the adds were the same volume
    • bd1201 | Send Message 17h
      : $8.63 on 5/9 $7.77 on 5/20 $7.04 on 6/13 6/14 "good time to buy the other half"
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        Top % Gainers: $MCUR 97%, $SPU 34%, $XGTI 25%, $CTIC 19%, $CRK 12%, $LNTH 11%, $BZUN $CYOU $CSTM $STAF $USG $YRD $ALJ $AREX $SMI $ARRY $WB
          • IndyPEG | Send Message 3 Aug

            $ALJ is up a bunch this week
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                Dividend Dogs As Of July 2016 - - $WNR $LADR $FRO $IVR $STNG $WDR $CMO $ALJ $LHO $TAL $SFL $ARR $WMC $DX $NAT
                  • Tristan R. Brown | Send Message 12 Jul

                    Alon USA Energy Is No Longer Overvalued, But Downside Risks Remain $ALJ
                      • ml19 | Send Message 6 Jul

                        $ALJ wow what happened?
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                        • Perkins Cove | Send Message 6 Jul
                          : GL
                        • losbronces | Send Message 6 Jul
                          : All refiners are under pressure, especially the small ones. Don't expect the dividends to remain the same with crack spreads narrowing.
                          • Xvansan | Send Message 27 Jun

                            $ALJ short is working like a charm. Covered $WNR but will leave this on until after the divy cut announcement
                              • Xvansan | Send Message 22 Jun

                                refiners are the best shorts out there. Well, after $TSLA of course. $ALJ $WNR
                                  • Xvansan | Send Message 21 Jun

                                    $ALJ $6.58 time to put your shorts on, folks.
                                      • Xvansan | Send Message 21 Jun

                                        $ALJ last chance to sell before this never sees $6.40 again. A 10% loss is better than 30%
                                          Company Description
                                          ALON USA Energy, Inc. operates as a holding company, which refines and markets petroleum products through its subsidiaries. Its refineries produce petroleum products including various grades of gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, petrochemicals, petrochemical feedstocks, asphalt, and other... More
                                          Industry: Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing
                                          Country: United States