Amarantus Bioscience Holdings, Inc.(AMBS)- OTCQX
  • Diwan | Send Message 9 Apr

    IS there any hope left for this thing? I dont even see any upcoming catalysts? at this point, the only hope is just a random pump $AMBS
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    • LostOkie51 | Send Message 13 Apr
      : of late. And AMBS falling even faster than most simply because, as you say, no nearby catalysts. Their work with MANF is what's going make
    • LostOkie51 | Send Message 13 Apr
      : them big. and it's still a ways down the road. It's gonna require some patience. But those of us who have it I believe will be rewarded
      • jayb2410 | Send Message 6 Apr

        $AMBS. I got 140k shares at .22 and I am in the RED, however, I am going to get more because I believe this will pop soon.
          • LostOkie51 | Send Message 5 Apr

            Bajorek, That's quite an increase!! I doubled my position in $AMBS yesterday @.035. It'd be hard to figure where I'm at in reality on this
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            • LostOkie51 | Send Message 5 Apr
              : I'm in the red on it at present. But , if and when, it turns around like I do expect it to, we'll be sittin purty, eh?
            • Bajorek | Send Message 6 Apr
              : I'm in the same boat... $AMBS has really been a difficult one to gauge. I just missed the mark a few times selling when i should.
              • Bajorek | Send Message 5 Apr

                Took my position from 9K shares to 59K shares today... Lost a fortune in this company, but its looking up from here $AMBS.
                  • Tile | Send Message 29 Mar

                    $AMBS. Will there be another split? It was @ 4 cents before the 150 to 1 split.
                      • Mark Yagalla | Send Message 29 Feb

                        Today's watch list $AMBS $PPHM
                          • Tile | Send Message 14 Feb

                            $AMBS. @ 18 cents now. Is it a buy?
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                            • Tile | Send Message 15 Feb
                              : I know. It was traded @ 4 cents before a 150 to 1 split which boosted the stock to more than $10.
                            • Bajorek | Send Message 18 Feb
                              : I added a little bit to my position at these levels $AMBS.
                              • Bajorek | Send Message 1 Feb

                                Hmmm... i really am hopeful about $AMBS but the stock keeps coming down. Any good news in the pipeline?
                                  • LostOkie51 | Send Message 8 Jan

                                    $AMBS Doubled my position today @ .40
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                                    • Tom Landry | Send Message 8 Jan
                                      : Just looking at $AMBS chart when it IPOed mid 2011 at 225$. 3 months later it was at 25$ or so. Not a frank success.
                                    • tradebr2010 | Send Message 9 Jan
                                      : Biotech is about the pipeline and prospects. If you check that, you may find out that's cheap at $.20, $.10, or even $.05! Good luck.
                                      • Bajorek | Send Message 14 Dec 2015

                                        Really wish i would have sold all of my stock.... i guess just wait until the next swing up? $AMBS