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    AMJ Taxes done yet? Me neither. Too many forms. My article "AMJ: For MLP Yields Without More IRS Paperwork" Mar22. Also KMP EPD PAA EEP MMP
      AMJ vs. ETF Alternatives
      AMJ Description
      The Alerian MLP Index (“Index”) is a market-cap weighted, float-adjusted index created to provide a comprehensive benchmark for investors to track the performance of the energy MLP sector. The Index components are selected by Alerian Capital Management, LLC (“Alerian”). Alerian is a registered investment advisor that exclusively manages portfolios focused on midstream energy MLPs. Master Limited Partnerships ("MLPs") are limited partnerships that are publicly traded on a U.S. securities exchange. The majority of MLPs currently operate in the energy infrastructure industry, owning assets such as pipelines that transport crude oil, natural gas and other refined petroleum products. MLPs typically generate fee-based revenues, which tend not to be directly tied to changes in commodity prices. Major benefits of investing in MLPs include a relatively low correlation to a wide range of asset classes including equities and commodities as well as attractive historical yields compared to other income-oriented investments.
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