Allied Motion Technologies, Inc.

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  • Darspal S Mann | Send Message 11 Dec 2015

    Allied Motion: A Great Name For Retail Investors Is Ready For Institutions $AMOT
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    • Street_fighter | Send Message 17 Jan
      : $AMOT Heidrive acquisition appears to be a good one - immediately accretive to earnings and didn't overpay as a percentage of sales
      • lamillerz | Send Message 7 May 2015

        Hopefully things will start to look up for $AMOT. I've been cautious on adding to my position recently
          • R ONeil | Send Message 2 May 2015

            $AMOT Drops from $42 down to $29 and no one has anything to say as to why ?
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            • luckypeter | Send Message 2 May 2015
              : $AMOT ER will clear up doubts, jejeje.. TECHS B. Bands wide pre-fall, double touch upper warning of drop, Linear Regression still uptrend.
            • luckypeter | Send Message 2 May 2015
              : $AMOT looking at cross chart Linear Regression TREND changes, U can expect complete upward fill of drop value in less than 12 weeks, Nice Co
              • raymedo1 | Send Message 27 Apr 2015

                $amot plunged today why ?
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                • R ONeil | Send Message 28 Apr 2015
                  : Good question ? Holding my position. 1st Quarter report coming out May 07 ? Should see things turn upward afterwards.
                  • Quantified Alpha | Send Message 8 Apr 2015

                    We expect $AMOT to outperform S&P by almost 14% over the next twelve months due to very strong growth profile
                      • Kumquat Research | Send Message 26 Mar 2015

                        Allied Motion: Earnings Impress Yet Again $AMOT
                          • Eric Muathe | Send Message 22 Feb 2015
                              • Econ Student | Send Message 31 Dec 2014
                                  • Econ Student | Send Message 7 Dec 2014

                                    $AMOT $BRK.B $CAMT $CDZI $FSI $INTT $MNDO $MTEX $NVEE $SPU Current stocks.
                                      • Kumquat Research | Send Message 14 Nov 2014

                                        An Outstanding Earnings Report From Allied Motion Indicates Further Future Growth $AMOT
                                          Company Description
                                          Allied Motion Technologies Inc serves the motion control market. It designs and manufactures motor and servo motion products for the Commercial, Industrial, and Aerospace and Defense markets.