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Amarin Corporation PLC (AMRN)

  • Chris Lau | Send Message 23 Nov

    $KBIO: 0.40 to 40.00 in just a couple of days. i could have been multi-millionaire right now ($AVXL $VRX $AMRN)- DIY Value Premium Investor
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    • Chris Lau | Send Message 23 Nov
      : The short-squeeze on $KBIO was so simple, too. Lots of tears for short-sellers.
    • tradebr2010 | Send Message 23 Nov
      : I remember the guy with a $106K margin call on $KBIO! How can you short a $2 stock goes beyond any type of comprehension!
      • Chris Lau | Send Message 21 Nov

        $AVXL, $VRX, $CHK, $OREX, $AMRN $FCX etc. (humor)
          • Chris Lau | Send Message 20 Nov

            Everyone' hoping to hold a $KBIO. (Related: $OREX $AMRN)
              • StockConsultant | Send Message 20 Nov

                $AMRN moving higher off 1.89 triple support area
                  • Chris Lau | Send Message 18 Nov

                    People buying $AVXL, $VRX is like a baby getting candy stolen...twice. Avoid $VVUS $ARNA too. $AMRN $OREX okay.
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                    • 291 | Send Message 19 Nov
                      : Chris, I think you are going to need some 2-73 once it is approved, your thought process seems foggy at best.
                    • Chris Lau | Send Message 19 Nov
                      : Approval will give stock a boost but there's no $$ for R&D and further studies. At best, $AVXL is a trading vehicle. Easy $ or esy tears.
                      • Elephant Analytics | Send Message 16 Nov

                        Amarin: Vascepa's NRx Growth Rate Is Incrementally Improving $AMRN
                          • Scrying Biotech | Send Message 16 Nov

                            $AMRN My holiday review including tickers AMRN, OCAT, TRVN and ZFGN. Enjoy!
                              • Scrying Biotech | Send Message 13 Nov

                                Amarin Corporation: Anatomy Of A Xmas Cash Biotech Play $AMRN
                                  • Lusitanian Traders | Send Message 22 Oct

                                    $AMRN - Support Zone $1.82
                                      • timtrading | Send Message 9 Oct

                                        bullish engulfing scan $AGN,$HRB,$EJ,$AMRN,$SERV,$NGG,$TDOC,$BIND
                                          Company Description
                                          Amarin Corp PLC is a biopharmaceutical company with expertise in lipid science. The Company is engaged in commercialization and development of therapeutics to improve cardiovascular health.
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Country: Ireland