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11/26/2014, 10:33 AM ET
  • Dividend Investor | Send Message 25 Apr 2013

    Just went short $AMZN. The stock trades on hyper revenue growth and its weaker than expected guidance "should" push down the stock price
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    • Dividend Investor | Send Message 25 Apr 2013
      : Shorting this stock in the long term is incredibly risky; I would much rather buy long-term puts. In the short-term though, shorting is fine
    • Dividend Investor | Send Message 26 Apr 2013
      : Bought to cover $AMZN @261. Simply wanted a short-term flip
      AMZN vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description Inc is an online retailer. The Company sells its products through the website which provides services, such as advertising services and co-branded credit card agreements.