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10/31/2014, 12:30 PM ET
  • Rubenov | Send Message 23 Dec 2011

    Advice needed: I'm down almost 70% on 7 AMZN $185 calls bought at 10.26 Jan '12. Any ideas on how to minimize losses/lessen impact
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    • neobliviscar | Send Message 23 Dec 2011
      : Tradechats: And my Eagle Claw kung fu beats your Drunken Monkey kung fu? Guy asked for advice, not teacups. Are you recommending he sell?
    • traderchats | Send Message 24 Dec 2011
      : Neo I am rec him to watch the stock for 3 days for close below 177 and if so, sell it,else there is high chance the stock might bounce back
      AMZN vs. ETF Alternatives
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