Black Ridge Oil & Gas, Inc.

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  • Alex B. Gray | Send Message 23 Dec 2015

    A Flood of Oil could Sink Black Ridge Oil & Gas, Inc. $ANFC.
      • The Prudent Analyst | Send Message 14 Apr 2015

        A Looming Reserve Write-Off And Crushing Debt Will Likely Prove Fatal For Black Ridge Oil & Gas $ANFC
          • Jeff Con | Send Message 1 Dec 2014

            Uggh. Brutal hit today. $ANFC
              • sheldond | Send Message 25 Aug 2014

                Some stocks In my trade account many new faces... $GRPN, $TNXP, $MGT, $CTT, $ANFC, $MNKD, $ADMP, $TZA, $CUR
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                • JMattius | Send Message 25 Aug 2014
                  : Blood test ColonSentry. Tests tripled q/q but revs not reflecting this as they have not collected insurance money. Very thinly traded...
                • JMattius | Send Message 25 Aug 2014
                  : But recently diluted and have cash and revs should improve in coming q's. Going to be a 1 year hold for me. All the best bud!
                  • Russ Fischer | Send Message 12 Aug 2014

                    Black Ridge Oil And Gas: A Micro Cap Worth A Serious Look $ANFC
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                    • panchopiedra | Send Message 1 Dec 2014
                      : Russ - any update on Black Ridge Oil and Gas? Got a nice St loss...Is it worth doubling up at these levels?
                      Company Description
                      Black Ridge Oil & Gas is a growth-oriented exploration and production company in the Bakken and Three Forks play. Black Ridge has participated in drilling over 230 Bakken or Three Forks wells in North Dakota and Montana since 2010. The Company currently controls approximately 10,000 net Bakken... More