Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund

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  • AlbionWood | Send Message 17 Sep 2015

    $AOD discount breaking 16%... low volume, no interest on SA, good yield at big discount, long-term hold.
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    • ReaperLynx | Send Message 17 Sep 2015
      : $AOD is a solid monthly payer. Long since 2011 picking up on these dips at below $7.80- $8.00
    • AlbionWood | Send Message 20 Nov 2015
      : Still cheap... accumulating.
      • jwill53 | Send Message 24 Jul 2015

        $AOD trading at a 14+% discount to NAV again, near 8% div yield monthly
          • jwill53 | Send Message 8 Jun 2015

            $AOD just couldn't hold 9+ for that long
              • jwill53 | Send Message 9 Dec 2014

                on what turns out to be a better day than yesterday, trying to decipher $ETY and $AOD drops?
                  • jwill53 | Send Message 5 Jun 2014

                    in case anyone is watching, $AOD up just shy of 5% in the last 30 days. + 6.3 last 90.
                      • jwill53 | Send Message 4 Apr 2014

                        $AOD - nice to see this moving in the right direction since the split
                          • jwill53 | Send Message 25 Feb 2014

                            i guess its good i didnt bail on $AOD after all - maybe that mgmt change and growth strategy might work out.
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                            • tev | Send Message 27 Feb 2014
                              : I held on too. Things are much better now than the great train wreck that was AOD in the past.
                            • jwill53 | Send Message 27 Feb 2014
                              : let us hope it continues in the right direction...not a whole lot of coverage/discussion anymore
                              • jwill53 | Send Message 3 Feb 2014

                                $AOD, in crossing below 8.00, may have just given me the reason to sell
                                  • InsiderInsights | Send Message 16 Jan 2014

                                    Top Insider Trades 1/16/14: AOD, GES, FNBG, ARCP $AOD, $GES, $FNBG
                                      • Christopher F. Davis | Send Message 8 Jan 2014

                                        How To Trade The 16% Yielding Alpine Total Fund Before It Splits And Raises Its Payout $AOD
                                          Company Description
                                          The primary investment objective is high current dividend income, with a secondary focus on long-term growth of capital. It will invest at least 80% of its net assets in equity securities of foreign and domestic companies that pay dividends. The Fund will