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Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (APDN)

  • MeadorWords | Send Message 3 Feb

    Nice rebound today $APDN
      • Graham Jervis | Send Message 17 Nov 2014

        Added some $APDN below the new capital raise price.
          • MeadorWords | Send Message 29 Oct 2014

            I know there was talk of a reserve stock spilt but DID it just happen??!? No idea what is going on - any news I missed. $APDN
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            • MeadorWords | Send Message 29 Oct 2014
              : Graham - Yeah I looked for the SEC Filling and saw they did a 1:60 split; I hope this brings more attention to the firm.
            • MeadorWords | Send Message 29 Oct 2014
              : I was going to buy today but now I'll wait to see how the shares do.
              • maryann3 | Send Message 29 Aug 2014

                $APDN new defense contract
                  • maryann3 | Send Message 12 Aug 2014

                    $APDN released earnings this morning -
                      • Christopher F. Davis | Send Message 12 Aug 2014

                        Dont forget to get REAL TIME ALERTS from me for PhD Level coverge of biotech names $GILD $SNTA $GTXI $RGDX $MDVN $GALE $PCYC $DX $APDN
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                        • thornyone | Send Message 13 Aug 2014
                          : Do you really think $GALE is anything worthwhile? they seem to be a notch just above a SCAM
                        • Lossesrtiny | Send Message 14 Aug 2014
                          : I got into $ANAC at $16.89. Small position but seeking more. I din't like buying up but some of these Bio techs have me second guessing.
                          • Graham Jervis | Send Message 27 Jun 2014

                            $APDN having a good day, wonder why
                              • maryann3 | Send Message 20 Jun 2014

                                $APDN interesting article on APDN's technology: Pillar Technology CEO ... Says "Possibilities Are Limitless
                                  • Traceee | Send Message 10 Jun 2014

                                    $APDN any thoughts on when it might move up in value?
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                                    • Traceee | Send Message 11 Jun 2014
                                      : it would build confidence if they ($APDN) came out with specific goals and success metrics. It would help if they had designated PR
                                    • longimgn | Send Message 12 Jun 2014
                                      : Great science, tiny co., no $ for PR..News is # 1
                                      • jayb2410 | Send Message 23 May 2014

                                        $OCAT, $AMBS, $BCLI, $EAPH, $STEM, $ELTP, $APDN, $GNBT, $ISCO, $NUOT, $HEB, $AFFY, $CVM, $ARTH. my portfolio. any thoughts? good or bad?
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                                        • DWD Investing | Send Message 27 May 2014
                                          : Joe, have a look at ACTC. They are published in Lancet and the science is validated. Read their latest SEC release.
                                        • longimgn | Send Message 27 May 2014
                                          : NWBO + 10% today......Real science, real results, no caca......
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                                          Company Description
                                          Applied DNA Sciences Inc is a provider of botanical DNA-based security and authentication solutions which protects products, intellectual property of companies, counterfeiting, fraud and diversion, among others.
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Industry: Biotechnology
                                          Country: United States