Advanced Photonix, Inc

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  • Stephen Simpson, CFA | Send Message 3 Jul 2014

    Advanced Photonix A High-Risk Optoelectric Play $API
      • Emerging Growth | Send Message 2 Jul 2014

        WSP Holdings Pays Price For Pulling Out Of Privatization Deal $API
          • Jack284 | Send Message 10 Jun 2013

            $API starting to move after article by inflection point investing on INFN this morning about rollout in 100G space
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            • Jack284 | Send Message 10 Jun 2013
              : $API has only 19MM market cap
            • John Austerman | Send Message 21 Oct 2013
              : $API long term??
              • David White | Send Message 31 Oct 2012

                API says we had gains in crude stocks last week. This week no one on the East Coast is using gasoline. EIA confirmation may send crude down.
                  • jpalpha | Send Message 2 Aug 2012

                    They just reported one of their Brown Dense wells had a production rate of 421 barrels of 50 API oil per day with 3,900 Mcf of high Btu gas!
                      • Holly Thompson | Send Message 27 Jun 2012

                        Albemarle expands South Haven API production site
                          • David White | Send Message 18 Apr 2012

                            API: crude = +3.4M barrels, Gasoline = -2.6M, distillates = - 2.4M. Total = -1.6M.
                              • David White | Send Message 7 Mar 2012

                                USD dropping like a rock after EIA oil supplies report. Very questionable. API was +3.2M barrels overall (crude, gasoline, & distillates).
                                  • David White | Send Message 6 Mar 2012

                                    API: Crude = +4.6M barrels, Gasoline = -2.3M barrels, Distillates = +924K barrels. Total = +3.224M barrels.
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                                    • Josh Krause | Send Message 6 Mar 2012
                                      : Bullish for Gas.
                                      • Power Hedge | Send Message 16 Feb 2012

                                        The president of the API says that Obama tax policy will push energy jobs overseas:
                                          Company Description
                                          Advanced Photonix Inc is engaged in the development and manufacturing of optoelectronic devices and value-added sub-systems and systems. It has two manufacturing facilities located in Camarillo, California and Ann Arbor, Michigan.