ArQule, Inc.(ARQL)- NASDAQ
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    $ARQL macd crossover 0
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        Research for 10.03.2015 $ARQL $CYTX $ADXS $CRMD
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            New Highs/Lows $ARQL $TGS $MERU $BIOS
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                Few tickers for 2.03.2015: $FLWS $CYCC $EYES $UNXL $CLNE $ARQL $ZIOP
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                    Research for Friday 27.02: $CYTX $ATOS $PGTI $ARQL $ZIOP $FLWS
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                        $ARQL, AVEO, NSPH, AMRN, TRR, IMGN, GTXI what do they have in common what is different? If you know then, you should make money here.
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                          : All off lows if you bought some of each it would look nice now......missed out on AVEO here despite myself NSPH has treated me well
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                            $ARQL I am in it to win it.......did we find cheap sell high.....try it out.....but don't get greedy.
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                              : I am also in ARQL but now concerned about its movement, why its trending down? it should pop with Phase III trial positive data, thoughts?
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                                $ARQL anyone have thoughts on this company they would like to share?
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                                    $ARQL in at 1.51 full position off of 52 week lows....bad news seems priced in good news could see move to the upside....wait and see
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                                      : A lot of pain in this now unloved stock earnings was consistent positive catalyst please...
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                                      : We have officially entered new 52 week lows........did I come the biotech era over....find out next episode
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                               Premarket Trading Ideas For March 5th: $CSIQ, $ARQL, $HOV, $SBLK, $BYD,
                                          Company Description
                                          ArQule, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company, which engages in the research and development of innovative therapeutics to treat cancers and rare diseases. The company discovers, develops and commercializes novel small molecule drugs that will dramatically extend and improve the lives of patients... More
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Industry: Biotechnology
                                          Country: United States