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  • Fri, Mar. 13, 3:21 AM
  • Mon, Jan. 12, 5:58 PM
    • IDC estimates global PC shipments fell 2.4% Y/Y in Q4 to 80.8M - a bigger decline than Q3 and Q2's 1.7%, but better than expectations for a 4.8% drop. Gartner is more positive, estimating shipments rose 1% to 83.7M.
    • Both firms observe emerging markets, where tablet cannibalization remains a major issue, remain in worse shape than developed markets. IDC also states commercial PC demand (boosted earlier this year by MSFT's ending of Win. XP support) has slowed, and that "market progress has been fueled by low-priced systems, including growth of Chromebooks and [Microsoft's] promotion of Windows 8 + Bing."
    • On the bright side, both IDC and Gartner report Asia-Pac returned to positive growth, and that broader consumer demand is gradually improving. The U.S. consumer market is expected to return to positive growth in 2015, aided by slowing tablet demand and the Windows 10 launch.
    • IDC believes all top-5 vendors gained share from rivals with less scale. A quarter after cracking the top-5 for the first time with a 6.3% share, Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) unit share is believed to have risen to 7.1% (+130 bps Y/Y) on the back of 4.9M shipments (+18.9%). Given higher ASPs, revenue share might be around 15%.
    • Market leader Lenovo's (OTCPK:LNVGY) share rose 140 bps to 19.9%; #2 HP's (NYSE:HPQ) rose 300 bps to 19.7%; #3 Dell's rose 140 bps to 13.5%; #4 Acer's (OTC:ASIYF) rose 40 bps to 7.7%. Non-top 5 firms saw their share drop 740 bps to 32.2%, with their shipments declining 20.7%.
    • Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), which tends to have good visibility into industry demand, reports on Thursday.
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  • Oct. 8, 2014, 5:09 PM
    • IDC estimates global PC shipments were down 1.7% Y/Y in Q3 to 78.5M, better than an expected 4.1%. The decline is even with Q2's rate, and better than Q1's 4.4% and Q4 2013's 5.6%. Gartner estimates shipments fell only 0.5%.
    • Developed markets continue faring better than emerging markets still getting hit by tablet cannibalization. IDC thinks U.S. shipments rose 4.3%, a bit slower than Q2's 6.9% growth. EMEA grew, while Asia-Pac (exc. Japan) declined. Japanese growth remained "deeply negative."
    • The corporate migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 (following MSFT's ending of XP support) is still providing a lift, as is a soft tablet market. However, IDC cautions demand for "large commercial refreshes" remains low.
    • Notably, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) finally managed to crack IDC's list of the top-5 global vendors: With the help of a strong U.S. market and Mac price cuts, Apple's unit share rose an estimated 60 bps to 6.3%. Revenue share is likely above 10%, given Apple's calendar Q2 Mac ASP was $1,255. U.S. unit share was at 13%.
    • The four companies ahead of Apple all grew their shares as well, gaining ground against vendors with less scale: Lenovo (OTCPK:LNVGY) was at 20% (+230 bps), H-P (NYSE:HPQ) at 18.8% (+130 bps), Dell at 13.3% (+140 bps), and Acer (OTC:ACEIY) at 8.4% (+100 bps).
    • Intel's (NASDAQ:INTC) Oct. 14 Q3 report should provide additional color on PC demand going into the holiday season.
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  • Jul. 9, 2014, 5:29 PM
    • Global PC shipments fell only 1.7% Y/Y in Q2 to 74.4M, says IDC. That's much better than the firm's forecast for a 7.1% drop, and smaller than the 4.4% and 5.6% declines respectively seen in Q1 and Q4. Gartner is even more positive, estimating shipments rose 0.1%, thus ending a long string of declines.
    • Unsurprisingly (especially given INTC's Q2 guidance hike), IDC thinks business PC upgrades stemming from Microsoft's (MSFT) ending of Win. XP support helped out. But it also says consumer demand was better than expected, with sales of low-end PCs (inc. Chromebooks) improving amid slowing tablet growth.
    • Sales in the U.S. and EMEA (two high-ASP regions) rose, while Asia-Pac (exc. Japan) still fell by nearly double digits. IDC now thinks full-year industry growth "could get closer to flat, rather than the May projection of -6%."
    • IDC's Q1 share data points to industry leaders gaining at the expense of smaller players: Lenovo (LNVGY) 19.6% share, +270 bps Y/Y. H-P (HPQ) 18.3%, +190 bps. Dell 14%, +180 bps. Acer (ACEIY) 8.2%, -10 bps. Asus (ASUTY) 6.2%, +30 bps. Everyone else 33.6%, -690 bps.
    • HPQ +0.6% AH. Other names with strong PC exposure: AMD, NVDA, MU, STX, WDC, HTCH.
  • Jun. 6, 2014, 3:43 AM
    • Acer (ASIYF), the world's fourth-largest personal-computer maker, is looking to increase its corporate cloud-computing business and sell more low priced smartphones as it seeks to offset falling laptop sales.
    • "We have to expand our product offering from PC's to other faster-growing segments, especially smartphones and tablets," Acer CEO Jason Chen says.
    • The company is looking to position its mobile devices in developing countries where its brand will stand out, and not to yet penetrate the U.S. and Chinese market.
    • With regards to its cloud-computing model, Acer it pursuing a new consumer cloud service, called Build Your Own Cloud. The platform will let users share data between their PCs and mobile devices.
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  • Apr. 9, 2014, 4:52 PM
    • IDC estimates global PC shipments fell 4.4% Y/Y (less than a 5.3% forecast) in Q1 to 73.4M, after having declined 5.6% in Q4 and 7.6% in Q3. Gartner thinks shipments only fell 1.7%, and totaled 76.6M.
    • IDC chalks up the narrower decline to healthy commercial demand, as buyers purchased Windows 7 systems ahead of Microsoft's (MSFT) termination of Windows XP support. The firm also thinks slowing tablet growth helped out.
    • IDC thinks Japanese shipments rose 7%, and U.S. shipments only fell 0.6% thanks to 3.5% desktop growth. Emerging Asia-Pac and Latin American markets, where tablet cannibalization is at an earlier stage, remained weak..
    • A mix shift towards developed markets benefits both Microsoft (higher ASPs, less piracy) and Intel (INTC - higher ASPs).
    • IDC estimates market leader Lenovo (LNVGY) had a 17.7% share, +220 bps Y/Y. #2 H-P's (HPQ) share rose 150 bps to 17.1%, and #3 Dell's 170 bps to 13.4%. #4 Acer's (ASIYF) share fell 130 bps to 6.8%, and #5 Asus' 20 bps to 5.9%.
    • The Q1 numbers suggest IDC's prior full-year forecast for a 6% shipment drop might prove too pessimistic.
    • Other companies with strong PC exposure: AMD, NVDA, MU, STX, WDC, HTCH
  • Dec. 30, 2013, 4:25 PM
    • In a continuation of the tumult that has characterized the company's management structure, Acer's (ASIYF) head of commercial business global operations, CTO, and GM of China's smartphone ops resigned earlier this month to pursue "other career plans."
    • The company does not intend to fill the latter 2 vacancies.
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  • Dec. 23, 2013, 3:03 PM
    • In the latest shake-up at the ailing PC maker, Acer (ASIYF) names ex-TSMC Worldwide Sales and Marketing executive Jason Chen President and CEO effective Jan. 1. Founder Stan Shih will continue to serve as Chairman.
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  • Nov. 5, 2013, 8:57 AM
    • Acer (ASIYF) CEO J.T. Wang will resign, to be replaced by president Jim Wong, as part of a corporate restructuring in the face of ballooning losses. Wong will take over at the start of next year.
    • Acer will cut its workforce by 7% as part of the restructuring with the aim of saving $100M annually. The company will take a one-time $150M charge due to the lay offs.
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  • Aug. 30, 2013, 10:13 AM
    • Phablets overtook both tablets and portable PCs in the Asian market during Q2, according to IDC. 25.2M smartphones with 5"-7" screens were shipped during the quarter, compared to 12.6M tablets and 12.7M portable PCs. The rise in popularity of the phablet is breath-taking: shipments grew 100% Q/Q and 620% Y/Y.
    • Phablet pioneer Samsung (SSNLF.PK) has lost its gargantuan grasp of the market. The Galaxy Note model held 90% of the market in Q4 2011. But the Note series accounted for less than 50% in Q2, as "low-cost local players ... have swooped in to offer big screens."
    • Acer (ASIYF.PK) entered the phablet market in June with the Liquid S1, which sports a 5.7" display, an Android OS, and a Mediatek quad-core 1.5 GHz processor. Nokia (NOK) plans to launch its own 6" phablet in Sept.
    • Although Asia is the front-runner in phablet adoption, Barclays sees global shipments climbing from 143M this year to 228M by 2015.
  • Jan. 2, 2013, 6:43 PM
    R.I.P. the netbook. Acer (ASIYF.PK) and Asus, the last two major PC OEMs committed to building the cheap, no-frills notebooks, have said they'll stop making them in 2013. The evisceration of the netbook market at the hands of tablets has been a blow to both OEMs and to Intel's (INTC) Atom CPU business, which now has to depend on the mobile device and TV markets to make up lost volumes. One silver lining: notebook ASPs are rising as the low-end falls apart and consumers start buying touchscreen models.
  • Dec. 24, 2012, 6:35 AM
    Acer (ASIYF.PK) plans to launch a $99 tablet which will undercut prices on Amazon's Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble's Nook Color in global markets. Analysts note the move will help the company gain its footing in the hot Chinese market, but will also cut into Acer's margins. (previous: Acer Iconia B1)
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  • Dec. 20, 2012, 2:52 PM
    The Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 could soon get undercut by Acer's Iconia B1, a 7" Android tablet just approved by the FCC and, reportedly set to sell for a mere $99. With 8GB of storage and a 1024x600 display, the B1 won't win any spec sheet crowns, but it could be an adequate option for many low-end/emerging markets buyers, or those looking to get the family a second or third tablet. It arrives at a time when Android (GOOG) is picking up tablet share thanks to its pricing edge. ($99 Nexus tablet)
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  • Sep. 13, 2012, 11:10 AM
    Acer (ASIYF.PK) and Alibaba (ALBCF.PK) just cancelled a smartphone launch featuring the latter's Aliyun OS, and Alibaba is blaming Google (GOOG). Alibaba, whose OS is Linux-based but can run Android apps, claims Google threatened to "terminate Android cooperation" with Acer if it went ahead with the launch. Though Android is technically open-source, Google wields tight control over what its partners can do with the OS. Baidu and Huawei are two other Chinese firms with mobile OS ambitions.
  • Sep. 13, 2012, 7:34 AM
    Acer (ASIYF.PK) cancels a press conference to launch a new smartphone after hearing concerns from Google on the operating system to be used. According to a source at Acer, Google warned that if Alibaba's Aliyun OS was used by the new product it would pull its cooperation for Android-based products.
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  • Aug. 24, 2012, 1:59 PM
    After looking at Dell (DELL) and H-P's (HPQ) awful July quarter PC sales data (I, II), IDC now predicts PC shipments will be up only 0.9% in 2012. Even that forecast could prove optimistic, given the decline seen in Q2. U.S. shipments are expected to fall 3.7%, after having already fallen in 2011. IDC continues to expect double-digit notebook shipment growth in later years due to emerging markets demand, but the tablet market's rapid growth makes that far from a sure thing.
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