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AUD is defunct since October 1, 2014. Lack of investor interest
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                More Weakness In The Australian Dollar Ahead $AUD http://seekingalpha.com/a/193ff
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                    Hochtief paying $AUD 1.155 billion - an 18% premium - to boost Leighton Holdings (Australian E&C) stake to 74% from 59%.
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                        AUD/USD - Quarterly - Elliottwave Picture $AUD $USD $Elliottwave $ElliottwaveAnalysis http://t.co/duINd4luiE
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                            Today's All Things #Forex Broadcast: $AUD and $NZD: Are Currency Wars Spreading "Down Under"? http://bit.ly/KTxtWA
                              • Paulo Santos | Send Message 9 Oct 2012

                                Since some follow me, I wanted to warn that I have closed my AUD/USD shorts a while ago and would avoid shorting it for a while now.
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                                • Paulo Santos | Send Message 9 Oct 2012
                                  : It's a hard environment. Once iron ore resumes its drop I will go short AUD again, though.
                                • Sean Bellamy McNulty | Send Message 11 Oct 2012
                                  : Appreciate the feedback Paulo.
                                  • Dr. Duru | Send Message 4 Oct 2012

                                    Recent Examples of Intraday Relationship Between the Australian Dollar and the S&P 500: http://bit.ly/PYOIXm FXA SPY AUD/USD
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                                        How To Estimate Intraday Moves For The S&P 500 Using The Australian Dollar: http://bit.ly/RbWKgV FXA AUD/USD #forex SPY
                                          AUD Description
                                          The Fund seeks to provide total return that closely corresponds, before fees and expenses, to the total return of The BofA Merrill Lynch Diversified Australia Bond Index. The BofA Merrill Lynch Diversified Australia Bond Indexsm tracks the performance of large, Australian dollar (“AUD”)-denominated investment grade debt instruments publicly issued in the Australian domestic market, including sovereign, quasi government, corporate, securitized and collateralized securities. All qualifying securities must have at least one year remaining term to final maturity and a fixed coupon schedule. Qualifying Australian sovereign securities must have a minimum amount outstanding of AUD 1 billion. Qualifying non-sovereign securities must have a minimum amount outstanding of AUD 500 million and must be rated investment grade. Index constituents are capitalization-weighted adjusted, as necessary, to meet issuer concentration limits. The Underlying Index is rebalanced on the last calendar day of the month. It is not possible to invest directly in an unmanaged index.
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                                          Country: Australia
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