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AVT, Inc. (AVTC)

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  • Alan Brochstein, CFA | Send Message 9 Jan

    $AVTC is being sued for FRAUD in Orange County. 3/3 trial date
      • BoomSurfer | Send Message 29 Jul 2014

        Numbers coming out soon...according to a recent article on $AVTC CEO......
          • BoomSurfer | Send Message 9 Jul 2014

            Yup they are late, but what do you think will happen once they do file and there earnings are double with they did in 2012? $AVTC
              • Alan Brochstein, CFA | Send Message 6 Jul 2014

                $AVTC is still late on its SEC filings - missed the 6/30 date that they had previously mentioned
                  • BoomSurfer | Send Message 26 Jun 2014

                    I hope $AVTC drops a bit more, would like to see down under a $1.00 but dont think that will happen becasue ther coming back up!!!
                      • 2XWSOPChamp | Send Message 6 Jun 2014

                        $AVTC seems like good co and I would buy if wasn't pink sheet with no SEC filings for over a year! Won't touch it bc of that. Very fishy.
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                        • vicad | Send Message 6 Jun 2014
                          : Good thinking. I need to get out of PHOT.... that b lost me some money. Oh, MJNA also lol
                          • Mikie713 | Send Message 17 Apr 2014

                            Buy signals up on $MJNA $VPOR $XTRM $GRNH $ERBB $NRTI $AVTC $ENRT $RFMK $ICBU $FITX $DSCR $ENDO $BRDT $ATTBF
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                            • Mikie713 | Send Message 17 Apr 2014
                              : Just about the entire sector has a green light.
                            • cgrahamthomasjohn | Send Message 22 Apr 2014
                              : buy signals $VGPR, $TGGI, $MCET GET IN now @foxbusiness @foxnews
                              • The Chairman1 | Send Message 26 Mar 2014

                                Interesting read! Well played for those holding $AVTC:$MDBX
                                  • Alan Brochstein, CFA | Send Message 22 Mar 2014

                                    I have decided to fight the $AVTC lawsuit. Please help me spread the word and protect 1st Amendment rights
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                                    • Long PennyStocks | Send Message 23 Mar 2014
                                      : Does it take sometimes to reach a settlement. The saying is "A bad settlement is always better than a great day in court!"
                                    • Alan Brochstein, CFA | Send Message 23 Mar 2014
                                      : I have had legal counsel, but not in CA, where the suit was filed
                                      • BoomSurfer | Send Message 14 Mar 2014

                                        Get in now, this stock has LONG potential. This stock will double, may not be worth 4.21 right now, but 2014 is a good year for $AVTC
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