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  Barnes Group Inc - NYSE

10/2/2014, 9:22 AM ET
  • wecap | Send Message 12 Sep 2012

    B 15000 MNKD, recent golden cross, bullish harami, 20 EMA above 50 EMA, over sold, bullish harami. Bouncing 20 EMA. MACD pos
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    • rseiter | Send Message 20 Sep 2012
      : Been holding this puppy for months at 2.77 pps, not sure if I should break even and get out....or if there's a move coming....????
    • wecap | Send Message 21 Sep 2012
      : technically ther is a move, fundamentally the stock is horrible
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      Company Description
      Barnes Group Inc is an industrial and aerospace manufacturer and service provider, serving end markets and customers. Its engineered products and services are used in critical applications that provide transportation, manufacturing and technology.