SPDR Nuveen Barclays Capital Build America Bond ETFNYSEARCA
BABS is defunct since August 25, 2016. Lack of investor interest
  • SA Editor Carolyn Pairitz | Send Message 3 Sep

    ETF Update Summer Edition: August $BABS, $BIK, $CMD
      • Cliff Smith | Send Message 1 Jan 2015

        ETF Recommendations For January 2, 2015 $BLV, $HYMB, $BABS
          • Vetr | Send Message 25 Aug 2014

            Build America Bond ETFs Susceptible to Rate Risk $BABZ $BABS $BAB $MUB
              • jeanewight | Send Message 2 Jul 2013

                $BABS down 10% YTD or thereabouts; I sold 1/4 of my shares and taking the loss,; I have a feeling the stock isn't coming up significantly
                  • jackwheelerjr | Send Message 15 Sep 2012

                    Why is BABS down so much today?
                      • jeanewight | Send Message 25 May 2012

                        I recently purchased BABS after doing some research. Any thoughts from people out there? The 3 comments below are from 2010 and 2011.
                          • Jim Van Meerten | Send Message 9 Sep 2011

                            BABS - 96% Barchart technical buy signal - 12 new highs and up 6.60% in the last month - Relative strength Index 64.59% and still rising
                              • SA Editor Jonathan Liss | Send Message 13 May 2010

                                SSgA is 2nd to market with a Build America Bonds ABE (BABS) - PowerShares BAB was launched in November '09 has gathered nearly $300M to date
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