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Blue Earth, Inc. (BBLU)

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    $BBLU to join Russell Index.
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        Blue Earth: Insiders Prepare To Exit, 80% Downside $BBLU
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            Top Gainers/Losers: $CLBS $RADA $VLTC $BBLU
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                $BBLU places $10MM stock w/ investment group
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                    A $BBLU holder has filed suit against corp, CEO, CFO and a VP alleging federal securities fraud violations
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                        Blue Earth: Stock Tumbled, Should You Buy, Sell Or Hold? $BBLU
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                            Blue Earth: Strong Sell On Law Enforcement Investigation, Fraud Allegations And Paid Stock Promotion $BBLU
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                              : very impressive. Congratulations
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                                Climate Change? Buy Blue Earth! $BBLU
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                                        $BBLU.OB Does anyone know anything about this company?
                                          Company Description
                                          Blue Earth Inc provides energy efficiency services and alternative/renewable energy solutions for small and medium sized commercial and industrial facilities. It also owns, manages and operates independent power generation systems.