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BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY)

  • NBohrQM | Send Message 15m

    $BBRY Chen: Financially under control, stabilizing revenue
      • sfinvestor | Send Message 24m

        Rockstar gain was responsible for the beat $BBRY. GM was only 320M, core SG&A 370M. This business is more problematic than 3 months ago.
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        • LTI0723 | Send Message 12m
          : I'm starting to think you have an agenda. Or maybe you don't understand this any better than you understand the debentures.
        • sfinvestor | Send Message 10m
          : 320M in gross margin. 370M in SG&A. That is as basic as it gets.
          • Mark Hibben | Send Message 59m

            Blackberry's Chen: Guidance Increasingly At Odds With Reality $BBRY
              • Chris Lau | Send Message 1h

                5 other firms that mirror $BBRY's turnaround today [preview: includes $SWIR $NOK $ALU ]
                  • Young Money Monsters | Send Message 1h

                    "Ultimately $BBRY accomplished what they wanted this quarter. Don't be scared by revenue because that was not focus."
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                    • rmccleary97 | Send Message 1h
                      : BES revenue still running off; drop in revenues not a surprise. Expected hardware (Passport) to offset more, but profit and +CF says a lot.
                    • rmccleary97 | Send Message 1h
                      : -200M in exp/qtr will show in next 3 quarters; bar to profits much lower than previous. Not expecting Classic or Leap to have major impact.
                      • Thepianist | Send Message 1h

                        $BBRY Not a good Q. We will go down.
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                        • caligrowthresearch | Send Message 1h
                          : I'm positive! Profit even at this revenue and strong cash balance combined with new revenue drivers sounds good to me. I'm adding if it dips
                          • ModernWallStreet | Send Message 2h

                            Miss it? #AMAnticipation 3/27 #Stocks flat-to-higher pre-GDP $DJIA Blackberry mixed $BBRY can stocks snap skid?
                              • GII | Send Message 3h

                                Ultimately $BBRY accomplished what they wanted this Q. Investors shouldn't be scared away by subpar revenue because that was not BB's focus.
                                  • WaveRider007 | Send Message 3h

                                    $BBRY - costs cut, but you still need to make more money, duh....
                                      • Young Money Monsters | Send Message 3h

                                        $BBRY A Full BlackBerry Earnings Breakdown with Important Quotes from CEO John Chen
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                                          BlackBerry Ltd is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of wireless solutions for the mobile communications market.