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    We Are Constructive On $Commodities (ETF: $GSG $BCM, Futures: $GI). Http://Investup.Com
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        The Investor Sentiment Of $Commodities (ETF: $GSG $BCM, Futures: $CR) Is Rated NEUTRAL. Http://Investup.Com
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            http://bit.ly/Lhean1 Earnings premarket: MGCD BCM CIEN WILC JOY MOV SBLK OTIV Earning after hour: ASNa CRDS RLD LDOS VRA
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                BCM ceases operations. This is a huge indictment. Where is the media? From ZH, breaking... http://bit.ly/s6gn5K
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                  : How big was her brokerage?
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                  : poster his article in the afternoon an FPA in moring too. Has wider implications as FED uses an broker doing 51/1 an FED might crumble ! wow
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                    BCM Has Ceased Operations - read Ann Barnhardt's reason. http://tinyurl.com/6tvhl7h
                      BCM Description
                      The iPath® Pure Beta Broad Commodity ETN is linked to the Barclays Capital Commodity Index Pure Beta TR (the "Index") and reflects the returns that are potentially available through an unleveraged investment in the futures contracts on physical commodities comprising the Index, while mitigating the effects of certain distortions in the commodity markets on such returns through the application of the Barclays Capital Pure Beta Series 2 Methodology.
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