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Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners L.P. (BEP)

  • Archman Investor | Send Message 24 Aug

    Was able to add to $PBA,$BEP,$DOC & $IPPLF today. Waiting on $OKS & others to see if we get more downside.
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    • Tom Landry | Send Message 24 Aug
      : Am I crazy or I did saw a temporary 55% drop on $PBA?
    • Archman Investor | Send Message 24 Aug
      : i didn't notice but i don't think any trades went thru if there was. I heard there were a bunch of flash crashes all over
      • Archman Investor | Send Message 13 Aug

        #1 holding= still $BEP
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        • SeriousCat | Send Message 13 Aug
          : love the company, hate the K-1s
          • Caiman Valores | Send Message 20 Jul

            Brookfield Energy To Benefit From Clean Energy Trends, Sharply Undervalued By The Market $BEP
              • Archman Investor | Send Message 14 Jul

                Well it definitely looks like I will be reinvesting a lot more into $BEP come 8/1. I am thinking maybe $25 as a floor. Maybe. If not $22.18
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                • lngtrminvstr | Send Message 14 Jul
                  : Do you have any idea of the rational for the drop? I have been following you for awhile now, thank you for the education you have provided.
                • Archman Investor | Send Message 14 Jul
                  : Late yesterday $BEP disclosed that hydro-generation would be below long term average. This of course results in less $$. It goes up & down.
                  • Archman Investor | Send Message 13 Jul

                    $BEP continues to be taken outside and clubbed. Hopefully will be a lot lower by 8/1 for dividend reinvestment.
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                    • Destin | Send Message 13 Jul
                      : Took the plunge with a 1/3 position around the close.
                    • Archman Investor | Send Message 13 Jul
                      : News after the fact: lower than avg hydro generation. No biggie. Up sometimes, down sometimes.
                      • Brian Langis | Send Message 12 Jun

                        Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners L.P. - Great Mix Of Growth And Dividends $BEP
                          • The Energy Report | Send Message 7 May

                            Investment In Renewables Generates Illuminating Dividends: John McIlveen $AQUNF, $AT, $BEP
                              • Mitchell Li | Send Message 2 Feb

                                The Long Case For Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners $BEP
                                  • Real Estater | Send Message 29 Jan

                                    Update: Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners To Acquire 488 MW Renewable Portfolio In Brazil $BEP
                                      • Brad Pappas | Send Message 4 Nov 2014

                                        Looking For A Sensible Green Stock? Try Brookfield Renewable Energy $BEP
                                          Company Description
                                          Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP is a renewable power generating company. The Company owns a portfolio of renewable power generating facilities in the United States, Canada, Brazil and Europe.
                                          Sector: Utilities
                                          Country: Bermuda