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Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners L.P. (BEP)

  • Archman Investor | Send Message 24 Aug

    Was able to add to $PBA,$BEP,$DOC & $IPPLF today. Waiting on $OKS & others to see if we get more downside.
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    • Tom Landry | Send Message 24 Aug
      : Am I crazy or I did saw a temporary 55% drop on $PBA?
    • Archman Investor | Send Message 24 Aug
      : i didn't notice but i don't think any trades went thru if there was. I heard there were a bunch of flash crashes all over
      • Archman Investor | Send Message 13 Aug

        #1 holding= still $BEP
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        • SeriousCat | Send Message 13 Aug
          : love the company, hate the K-1s
          • Caiman Valores | Send Message 20 Jul

            Brookfield Energy To Benefit From Clean Energy Trends, Sharply Undervalued By The Market $BEP
              • Archman Investor | Send Message 14 Jul

                Well it definitely looks like I will be reinvesting a lot more into $BEP come 8/1. I am thinking maybe $25 as a floor. Maybe. If not $22.18
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                • lngtrminvstr | Send Message 14 Jul
                  : Do you have any idea of the rational for the drop? I have been following you for awhile now, thank you for the education you have provided.
                • Archman Investor | Send Message 14 Jul
                  : Late yesterday $BEP disclosed that hydro-generation would be below long term average. This of course results in less $$. It goes up & down.
                  • Archman Investor | Send Message 13 Jul

                    $BEP continues to be taken outside and clubbed. Hopefully will be a lot lower by 8/1 for dividend reinvestment.
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                    • Destin | Send Message 13 Jul
                      : Took the plunge with a 1/3 position around the close.
                    • Archman Investor | Send Message 13 Jul
                      : News after the fact: lower than avg hydro generation. No biggie. Up sometimes, down sometimes.
                      • Brian Langis | Send Message 12 Jun

                        Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners L.P. - Great Mix Of Growth And Dividends $BEP
                          • The Energy Report | Send Message 7 May

                            Investment In Renewables Generates Illuminating Dividends: John McIlveen $AQUNF, $AT, $BEP
                              • Mitchell Li | Send Message 2 Feb

                                The Long Case For Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners $BEP
                                  • Real Estater | Send Message 29 Jan

                                    Update: Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners To Acquire 488 MW Renewable Portfolio In Brazil $BEP
                                      • Brad Pappas | Send Message 4 Nov 2014

                                        Looking For A Sensible Green Stock? Try Brookfield Renewable Energy $BEP
                                          BEP vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP is arenewable power generating company. The Company owns aportfolio of renewable power generating facilities in the United States, Canada, Brazil and Europe.
                                          Sector: Utilities
                                          Country: Bermuda