BGC Partners, Inc. (BGCP) - NASDAQ
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    Dividend Growth Stocks As of Thursday, April 28, 2016 - - $XOM $AMP $COLB $NHTC $GWW $WINA $FIX $ALGT $BGCP
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        Sales of $BGCP filled at 8.90, $ORI 18.05, but $OVBC did not fill.
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        • Delivery boy | Send Message 3 Mar
          : I have been very anxious with this market since last Spring. It doesn't feel right. Do your best. Cheers!
        • CrissWang | Send Message 4 Mar
          : Wonderful move
          • Regarded Solutions | Send Message 3 Mar

            Next on the chopping block: $ORI, $OVBC, and MAYBE $BGCP...I will be watching as I continue the TARP overhaul towards a lower risk profile!
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            • CrissWang | Send Message 3 Mar
              : good move.
            • Regarded Solutions | Send Message 3 Mar
              : enigma....good question..the overall market issues are leading me to reduce risk. BDC's do better in strong economies. Can't wait anymore.
              • Esekla | Send Message 9 Dec 2015

                The Perfect Storm For BGC Partners $BGCP
                  • Justin Polce | Send Message 6 Dec 2015

                    Exciting Future For BGC Partners, Inc. $BGCP
                      • Esekla | Send Message 9 Oct 2015
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                            Near-Term Notes For BGC Partners $BGCP
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                                BGC Partners Continues To Hit On All Cylinders $BGCP
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                                    GFI Group Comes To Terms With BGC Partners $BGCP
                                      • Esekla | Send Message 13 Feb 2015

                                        A Short-Term Price Target For BGCP $BGCP
                                          Company Description
                                          BGC Partners, Inc. operates as a global financial intermediary to the financial and real estate markets. The company operates through two segments: Financial Services and Real Estate Services. The Financial Services segment provides brokerage of a broad range of products, including fixed income... More
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Industry: Investment Brokerage - National
                                          Country: United States