Biozoom, Inc. (BIZM) - Grey Market
  • alanrosca | Send Message 12 Jun 2014

    Biozoom Class Action Filed On Behalf Of Investors $BIZM
      • Ocean Man | Send Message 10 Jul 2013

        Ashraf's $BIZM ($BIZM.OB) resumed trading today and dropped 87%. Kudos to Ashraf and SA's David Jackson for telling Stocktalkers to get out.
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        • The Aristos | Send Message 11 Jul 2013
          : Extraordinary piece by Ashraf. Missed it initially. I hope folks who read it, listened.
        • Clayton Rulli | Send Message 11 Jul 2013
          : Ive said it before, but stock talks and market currents are important communication mediums!
          • JMAL1 | Send Message 27 Jun 2013

            Ashraf doesn't know what he's talking about. Read the 8k filing report from Feb 2013. $BIZM.OB, has joint venture with Opsolution
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            • JMAL1 | Send Message 28 Jun 2013
              : If he read the 8k filing he would have answered all his skepticism about The Co. The SEC Filings are my credibility.
            • JMAL1 | Send Message 2 Jul 2013
              : Released today: Filing Form 12b-25 " Notification of late filing. " You must do more than read the headlines and report them to be credible.
              • Alan Brochstein, CFA | Send Message 25 Jun 2013

                $BIZM.OB suspended - Nice call, Ashraf Eassa
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                • Ocean Man | Send Message 25 Jun 2013
                  : Nice job Ashraf.
                • Ashraf Eassa | Send Message 25 Jun 2013
                  : Thank you, OM!
                  • David Jackson | Send Message 21 Jun 2013

                    If you own $BIZM.OB, you need to read this:
                      Company Description
                      Biozoom is dedicated to the advancement of reflection spectroscopy as a commercial technology. Today's Biozoom technology can be used by anyone, anywhere, as a health and wellness diagnostic tool. The company is constantly researching new applications and innovations.
                      Sector: Technology
                      Industry: Application Software
                      Country: Germany