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10/31/2014, 2:31 AM ET
  • OneLongTrade | Send Message 10 May 2012 - Karen Finerman's got some terrible timing (last year she said short BKS before an AH announcement popped it
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    • Hillbilly Stock Star | Send Message 10 May 2012
      : KFine gets her clock cleaned regularly! LoL!
    • 1980XLS-2.0 | Send Message 10 May 2012
      : Oh, but I thought JPM was Best of Breed? LMFAO. Somebody needs to go to Jail.
      BKS vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      Barnes & Noble Inc is a booksellers and a content, commerce and technology company providing customers access to trade books, textbooks, magazines, newspapers and other content across its multi-channel distribution platform.