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BN is defunct.
  • humahuaca | Send Message 19 Dec 2011

    How do we get "Eurogeddon" when the ECB has promised "unlimited" 3 yr loans to banks at 1%, and also will buy up to 20 BN euros a WEEK in
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    • humahuaca | Send Message 19 Dec 2011
      : Whaddya think about the amounts NT? I am guessing (really totally guessing) closer to 500 B euros than to 200 B. I seem to be in a minority
    • Native Texan | Send Message 19 Dec 2011
      : I honestly don't know. At heart, I'm with the Bears but right now I'm stuck in FAS. Banksters are trickey, my gut says hold on.
      • Big Ron | Send Message 7 Oct 2011

        Rail shipments continue to grow with 4Q being peak shipping season expect the railroads: NSC, CSX, UP and BN to be strong
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        • Ocean Man | Send Message 7 Oct 2011
          : Agree. Court victory for coal is good for rails too.
          • Hedgephone | Send Message 10 May 2011

   New post on current market conditions, POMO (1 more announced day of 6-8 BN tomorrow) ... Market dynamics, etc...!
              • Andrew Shapiro | Send Message 12 Dec 2010

                CBO - Most of the deficit increase comes from $756 Bn in lost revenue; Bush-era tax cut extension >$400 BN; payroll tax drop about $225 BN
                  • Andrew Shapiro | Send Message 28 Nov 2010

                    An agreement on an $113 BN aid to Ireland expected later Sunday among a group of European leaders, according to media reports.
                      • Joshua Hayes | Send Message 29 Jun 2010

                        tunaman: you mean Josh, first off. Second off, BN 14:53 *VERIZON WIRELESS SAID TO START OFFERING APPLE IPHONE IN JANUARY
                          • Thomas Pan | Send Message 21 Nov 2009

                            SNE and BN will disappoint customers on ereader shortage while AMZN has no issue and has been predicted to occupy 60% of the market.