Brown & Brown Insurance

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  • Alpha Gen Capital | Send Message 2 Nov 2015

    Brown And Brown A Classic And Ignored Dividend Growth Story $BRO
      • timtrading | Send Message 19 Oct 2015

        stocks report earnings today $ABAX,$ASBI,$AWRE,$BBCN,$BGS,$BJRI,$BKOR,$BMI,$BRCM,$BRO
          • timtrading | Send Message 18 Oct 2015

            stock earnings next week $ABAX,$ASBI,$AWRE,$BBCN,$BGS,$BJRI,$BKOR,$BMI,$BRCM,$BRO
              • Doug Meeks | Send Message 1 Sep 2015

                Buy orders in on $JNJ @ 84, $BDX @ 125 and $BRO at $28. We'll see about an opening flash crash.
                Reply (2)
                • DanTheMan1984 | Send Message 1 Sep 2015
                  : Probably not going to happen. I own $BRO. Very good under the radar insurance company!
                • Doug Meeks | Send Message 2 Sep 2015
                  : no flash crash yesterday. After last monday's opening I tend to put out flash crash orders. It did not happen.
                  • Doug Meeks | Send Message 27 Aug 2015

                    I like $BRO here in growth accounts. This $31 is a solid spot for accumulation, will add more on any weakness.
                    Reply (2)
                    • DanTheMan1984 | Send Message 2 Sep 2015
                      : Agreed. Doug.
                    • Doug Meeks | Send Message 2 Sep 2015
                      : Bruce, I like CINF as well, they have held pretty firm during the pullback. So still above target but another good insurance holding.
                      • Quantified Alpha | Send Message 20 Jul 2015

                        Quant model projects likely probability (55-65%) that $BRO beats analyst consensus eps and revenue estimates
                          • L&F Capital Management | Send Message 15 Jul 2015

                            Brown & Brown Looks Good Heading Into Earnings $BRO
                              • Sure Dividend | Send Message 5 Jun 2015

                                Are you familiar with this Dividend Achiever / Insurance Broker stock? $BRO
                                  • Sure Dividend | Send Message 30 May 2015

                                    Is it time to buy Brown & Brown? $BRO
                                      • Sure Dividend | Send Message 29 May 2015

                                        Brown & Brown: Insurance Broker And Dividend Growth Machine $BRO
                                          Company Description
                                          Brown & Brown Inc is an insurance agency, wholesale brokerage, insurance programs and services organization that markets and sells its customers insurance products and services, mainly in the property & casualty areas.
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Country: United States