Blyth, Inc.(BTH)- NYSE
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    $BTH BreathTec The Future of Cancer Detection is just around the corner, great video explains in detail
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        {video} Stock Chart Review $SLW $INEY $TNA $BWEN $BTH $EXAR $VTMB $UWTI $ALK $GILD $IWM
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            $BTH +104% biggest stock gainers
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                Big Decline Coming To Blyth $BTH
                  • Paul Sigrist | Send Message 3 Sep 2014

                    $BTH bumping up against resistance levels.
                      • Mongoose7916 | Send Message 3 Sep 2014

                        Really confused by the $BTH pop. I mean yes there is news but it isn't exactly super bullish.
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                        • Mongoose7916 | Send Message 3 Sep 2014
                          : Unless someone knows the money they will get from their visalus stake.
                        • Mike Cutler | Send Message 11 Sep 2014
                          : BTH eliminated their $143 million obligation buy the rest of ViSalus. Now they can focus on their core business vs. worry about cash/debt.
                          • Derek Capo | Send Message 18 Aug 2014

                            Update: Blyth Q2 Earnings Shows No Bottom; Stock Hits 20 Year Low $BTH
                              • Equitable Research | Send Message 4 Aug 2014

                                $BTH selling off on $HLF $NUS short hysteria weakness. Now trading below cash and CEO owns ~ 40% of the stock. A deal is likely imminent.
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                                  : Where can I find the 40% that you mentioned?
                                  • Derek Capo | Send Message 23 Jul 2014

                                    Blyth's Management Can't Be Trusted: Stock Drops 85% Yet CEO Makes Millions Via ViSalus $BTH
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                                        Volume Battle Looming: BTH $BTH
                                          Company Description
                                          Blyth Inc is a multi-channel company focused on the direct-to-consumer market. Its products include an extensive array of decorative and functional household products such as candles, accessories, seasonal decorations, household convenience items, etc.
                                          Industry: Personal Products
                                          Country: United States