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iPath Pure Beta Coffee ETN (CAFE)

  • mister-ugly | Send Message 29 Sep

    $JVA, $JO,$CAFE,$FARM,$SBUX: with Coffee Futures near Bottom JVA Buyback of 33% plus stock; Going on Offense leaving fewer shares Short!
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    • WaveRider007 | Send Message 29 Sep
      : $SBUX - this may be a double top forming now....$SBUX is like real-estate, it gets expensive quickly when no one is buying...
    • mister-ugly | Send Message 29 Sep
      : correction: $2Million in $ which up to 500,000 shares or up to 8% a Healthy number!!! Though I prefferred long lost Dividend Re-instated
      • mister-ugly | Send Message 4 Jun

        $SBUX,$FARM,$JVA,$GMCR,$JO,$CAFE: COFFEE FUTURES BOUNCING HIGHER off bottom will El Nino be in play? Viet Nam, Indonesia Not Selling
          • rntravels1 | Send Message 18 Apr

            Cannot find anyone with anything useful to say about coffee futures but seems like a nice floor at $16 $CAFE. I just got in.
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            • rntravels1 | Send Message 25 Apr
              : ok ty, looks like either $JO or $Café is in transition for a long nice upswing if you look at the long term charts I will buy more $Café.
            • rntravels1 | Send Message 25 Apr
              : Buy more $CAFE soon, sometime within next month.
              • sundara99 | Send Message 14 Jan

                Here's Two Coffee ETN’S Ripe For A Pickin’… $CAFE, $JO
                  • mister-ugly | Send Message 14 Oct 2014

                    $JVA,$JO,$CAFE,$FARM,$SBUX: Coffee Futures "Green" across board with Dec 2014 @ 221.90 up 3.80 point being above 220.00 No pullback today
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                    • mister-ugly | Send Message 14 Oct 2014
                      : Analyst & Investors No faith in $JVA
                      • mister-ugly | Send Message 10 Oct 2014

                        $JVA,$JO,$CAFE,$GMCR,$SBUX: All traded Coffee Futures to upside "GREEN," Undervalues JVA with huge cost difference in Supply & Demand
                          • mister-ugly | Send Message 7 Oct 2014

                            $JVA,$SBUX,$GMCR,$JO,$CAFE,$FARM: Strong Coffee Futures now above $2.25 with $JVA cost substantially lower implying No resistance buying
                              • mister-ugly | Send Message 6 Oct 2014

                                $JVA,$GMCR,$JO,$CAFE,$SBUX: Coffee Futures hit 2 year high on drought in Brazil as I have previously reported. Ebola in West Africa next?
                                  • mister-ugly | Send Message 16 Sep 2014

                                    $REED,$SBUX,$JVA,$CAFE,$JO: New coffee drink with Kombucha ramps up demand new production equipment tripling speed cutting labor REED
                                      • mister-ugly | Send Message 26 Aug 2014

                                        $JVA,$SBUX,$GMCR,$JO,$CAFE: Coffee futures 2015, 2016, over $2.00 again on Drought. Conditions & Reality of speculation.
                                          CAFE Description
                                          The iPath® Pure Beta Coffee ETN is linked to the Barclays Capital Coffee Pure Beta TR Index (the "Index"). The Index is intended to reflect the returns that are potentially available through an unleveraged investment in the futures contracts in the Coffee markets.
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