China Agritech, Inc.OTCPK - Limited
CAGC is defunct.
  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 20 May 2015

    "Chinese Solar Maker Plunges, Losing Nearly $19B in 24 Min." That is how I lost a lot on $RINO, $CAGC, $ONP.
      • squealini24 | Send Message 31 Mar 2011

        LM research is a fraud on CAGC.PK
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        • James Glickenhaus | Send Message 6 Dec 2011
          • Roger Newman | Send Message 17 Mar 2011

            CAGC.PK, CCME.OB seems like a trend although I hate to punish the good with the bad
              • amscott8 | Send Message 17 Mar 2011

                wdiesel: I lost big time on that pig CAGC.PK. Its halted by Nasdaq. If u don't like money, buy it. Otherwise, stay clear.
                  • amscott8 | Send Message 16 Mar 2011

                    Tuna: Got smoked on CAGC.PK. Stay the heck away from those Chinese stocks like FEED.OB. Too much manipulation and fraud is possible.
                      • Ian Bezek | Send Message 11 Mar 2011

                        CCME.OB trading suspended. CHBT.PK, CAGC.PK, YONG, and other China names way down in sympathy.
                          • talbano | Send Message 3 Feb 2011

                            sad part w/ these chinese stks, I have yet 2 see one bounce back after shorts create the negativity- i.e. w/ag flying CAGC.PK CGA haven't moved
                              • Tom Guttenberger | Send Message 28 Dec 2010

                                Reloaded CAGC.PK calls today...volatility seems cheap...just needs to get off the floor
                                  • | Send Message 10 Nov 2010

                                    Top Bears $SMT,$EEP,$CYD,$WPRT,$AIZ,$ARCC,$CAGC.PK,$VLTC,$DEER.OB,$EBIX...more
                                      • traderbaked | Send Message 10 Nov 2010

                                        remember a contributor touting CAGC.PK on here about a week ago...oooopss