Callidus Software, Inc. (CALD) - NASDAQ
  • Bert Hochfeld | Send Message 20 May

    Callidus Software: A Small Contender In A Land Of Giants $CALD
      • hgilmore | Send Message 9 Mar

        $CALD pushing on down through the 13 level today on solid volume when market is positive which is very bearish for s/t as it targets new low
          • dsmith90120 | Send Message 7 Mar

            $CALD bearish looking chart formation and sold off on heavy volume on up market day is very suspicious on what is next to come here.
              • hgilmore | Send Message 7 Mar

                $CALD scratching at the floor again and falling too easily with increasing volume. Double bottom test around 12 coming rapidly.
                  • hgilmore | Send Message 3 Mar

                    $CALD still heading down to the double bottom for a tap is my guess. May stop some at 13.50 and 12.777 before 12 area imo
                      • dsmith90120 | Send Message 23 Feb

                        $CALD heading south without support until in 12 area, but likely to try and double bottom test at 11.5 area at minimum imo.
                          • hgilmore | Send Message 22 Feb

                            $CALD looks weak on strong market day and analysts downgrade of late. Likely to retest lows around 11 area or less as next leg down.
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                            • Shane_Murray | Send Message 22 Feb
                              : $CALD should be higher in the strong market, but now it's just a breakdown.
                            • hgilmore | Send Message 22 Feb
                              : agree. no buyers for a reason and I think they are struggling on many fronts with core products and margins are max out already imo
                              • dsmith90120 | Send Message 10 Feb

                                Solid earnings report and beat on revenues and earnings. Outlook good for 2016 and best cash flow ever. Time to Buy this one $CALD
                                  • hgilmore | Send Message 27 Jan

                                    $CALD time to pick up some of this one as the sector pushes it down to support levels around 15.50. Cash positive and acquisition target imo
                                      • dsmith90120 | Send Message 26 Jan

                                        $CALD what is up with this one? Down over 5% and market up nearly 300. Chart looking like head/shoulders with falling off or ?
                                          Company Description
                                          Callidus Software, Inc. provides cloud software. The company is doing business as CallidusCloud. It enables organizations to drive performance and productivity across their business with its Hiring, Learning, Marketing and Selling clouds. The CallidusCloud product suite provides Software as a... More
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Industry: Business Software & Services
                                          Country: United States