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CannaVest Corp. (CANV)

  • InvestingInsights | Send Message 17 Aug

    Taking Advantage Of Hemp Stocks $CANV $GWPH $FBEC $THCZ
      • Dallas Salazar | Send Message 6 Jul

        CannaVest: Does This Sound Like A 'Pot Stock' To You? $CANV
          • ASTRAFFEN | Send Message 24 Jun

            anyone looking at $CANV? Strong balance sheet and its at its all time low
              • Dallas Salazar | Send Message 20 Jun

                CannaVest: Recent Financing And Strong Balance Sheet Differentiate This Cannabis Player $CANV
                  • Rolling O Research | Send Message 22 May

                    $CANV Gets a shiny, new $6.5M Convertible. Guess the $2 restricted offering didn't work out as planned:
                      • GONJA Pro | Send Message 20 Jan

                        "The Knights of the Bong Table" where oh where can those million and Ba ba billionaires be! Just a matter of time! $HEMP $TRTC $CANV $STEV !
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                        • JLay36 | Send Message 1 May
                          : I know the post is old, but I just saw it and had to comment. Knights of the Bong Table? Really dude?
                        • JLay36 | Send Message 1 May
                          : Hate to say it amigo, I know you love the idea, but it really isn't all that clever..or funny for that matter.
                          • hiii98 | Send Message 19 Jan

                            I haven't posted in a while, but Tuesday these are all buys according to my formula $MINE $VGPR $CANN $CANV $USEI $VHUB $DIDG $USEI $CBGI
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                            • pokalolo | Send Message 20 Jan
                              : CANN interesting >) Seen a 600% last week. Most assume the SEC should act. I'd agree with them. But, how long will it be ?
                            • hiii98 | Send Message 20 Jan
                              : 1-2 week range before a exit or re-evaluation is made to position
                              • Econ Student | Send Message 2 Jan

                                Interesting pot stocks moving on heavy volume. Will be watching. $HEMP $GRNH $MJNA $MDBX $CBIS $ERBB $TRTC $CANV $LATF $EAPH $VPCO $CBDS
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                                • eftvox | Send Message 5 Jan
                                  : Long $EEBB - CNBC doing 1 hour feature tonight on cannabis industry. $$$$
                                • Econ Student | Send Message 6 Jan
                                  : I'm watching tomorrow to see if that gives the sector a boost.
                                  • Rolling O Research | Send Message 14 Nov 2014

                                    $CANV sees 38% Rev decline in 3Q/14, with net operating loss of $490K. HempMeds termination + KannaWay cool down:
                                      • Mikie713 | Send Message 4 Nov 2014

                                        Medical Marijuana falls short in Florida. $TRTC $PHOT $ERBB $MJNA $CANV $ICBU
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                                        • jman66 | Send Message 6 Nov 2014
                                          : All eyes on Colorado and how much tax rev they bring in for 2014 from MJ. Last I read they are revising the numbers UP!. Big bucks generated
                                        • jman66 | Send Message 6 Nov 2014
                                          : Now if NJ Gov would forget about gambling and bet on MJ we would see serious tax rev.
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                                          Company Description
                                          CannaVest Corp. develops, produces, markets and sells raw materials and end consumer products containing the hemp plant extract, Cannabidiol ("CBD"), to the nutraceutical, beauty care, pet care, specialty beverage and functional food sectors.
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Country: United States