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Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (CBI)

  • wigit5 | Send Message 6 Nov

    Anyone have a good platform for scanning options premiums. Trying to find a good deal on $CBI for 2017. Thinking selling puts at $45 and $50
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    • wigit5 | Send Message 6 Nov
      : but may want to buy calls instead.
      • Bret Jensen | Send Message 6 Nov

        Chicago Bridge & Iron: Ready To Deliver In 2016 $CBI
          • FortSumter | Send Message 4 Nov

            $CBI Reports tomorrow AMC. Divesting nuke biz. Current PE=8, PEG=0.88. Should be interesting.
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            • wheelz23 | Send Message 16 Nov
              : i'm talking about when he started investing, when he was young was after ww2, depression...but you're right too
            • FortSumter | Send Message 16 Nov
              : True but I've benefited from timing as well. Got into the tech space just as it was emerging in mid-80s. Every generation gets something.
              • Bumbershoot Holdings | Send Message 3 Nov

                Chicago Bridge: The Two Sweetest Words $CBI
                  • wigit5 | Send Message 30 Oct

                    $CBI is that two announcements in one day?
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                    • wigit5 | Send Message 30 Oct
                      : Sell nuke assets and suddenly the world is right as rain
                    • wheelz23 | Send Message 30 Oct
                      : shhh, don't jinx it
                      • Heisenberg View | Send Message 30 Oct

                        $CBI still looks attractively priced after its 15% rise.
                          • Bret Jensen | Send Message 29 Oct

                            Game-Changing Divesture Could Mean Big Upside For Chicago Bridge & Iron $CBI
                              • Daniel Jones | Send Message 29 Oct

                                A Look At Chicago Bridge & Iron's Monumental Rise $CBI
                                  • wigit5 | Send Message 28 Oct

                                    Bought $CBI 15Jan16 $42.50 puts @ 2.50 to close out my sold puts sold @7... so that is what close to a 65% gain? Sold 12/10/14 so 10 months
                                      • wigit5 | Send Message 28 Oct

                                        $CBI hoping this clears things up for the wider market this is a good company in a good industry. It may not be pretty like tech but durable
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                                        • wigit5 | Send Message 29 Oct
                                          : now that I'm out of those puts wheelz I'm hoping it revisits $40 so I can sell some more puts at 38 or so :p.
                                        • wheelz23 | Send Message 29 Oct
                                          : it'll get there i'm sure lol
                                          Company Description
                                          Chicago Bridge & Iron Company provides conceptual design, technology, engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and commissioning services to customers in the energy, petrochemical and natural resource industries.