Calgon Carbon Corporation

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  • Alpha Gen Capital | Send Message 3 Sep 2015

    Calgon Carbon Corp.: SCOTUS Decision Overreaction Creates A Buying Opportunity $CCC
      • Doyle Publishing Ltd. | Send Message 22 Jan 2015

        Calgon Carbon: Good Growth In A Sleepy Industry $CCC
          • Economics Fanatic | Send Message 22 Oct 2014

            Calgon Carbon: Steady Growth And Value Creation $CCC
              • Tom Shaughnessy | Send Message 25 Dec 2013

                Latest water play is off embargo, be sure to check this one out in-between christmas cookies! $CCC $XYL $AWK
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                • nclsamy | Send Message 25 Dec 2013
                  : Thank you, tom. Happy holidays!
                • Tom Shaughnessy | Send Message 26 Dec 2013
                  : Anytime, you as well!
                  • Dick Sterling | Send Message 21 Dec 2013

                    $LNN $CCC $XYL a deeper look at water investments (updated)
                      • Tom Shaughnessy | Send Message 28 Oct 2013

                        Still looking for a good water tech play for the future, If anyone has any ideas! $CWCO $XYL $AWK $SBS $WTR $CCC $VMI $FLS $NWPX $VE
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                        • Goose Hollow Investments | Send Message 13 Nov 2013
                          : LNN is similar to VMI, but it's business is more focused on water/irrigation than VMI's is.
                        • Tom Shaughnessy | Send Message 13 Nov 2013
                          : Very True, $CWCO got cheaper, although I would wait for a better entry point
                          • Micrite | Send Message 21 Oct 2013

                            $CCC Index
                              • Tom Shaughnessy | Send Message 22 Aug 2013

                                As Promised:: An interesting water utility play $SBS $CCC $PIO $PHO $CDZI $AWK $WTR $GE $MMM $FLS $CWCO
                                  • Kapitall | Send Message 16 May 2013

                                    Why Are Funds Buying These 2 Clean Energy Stocks With Troubling Accounting Trends? $AZZ $CCC
                                      • pete123 | Send Message 16 Nov 2012

                                        JRCCQ upgraded to CCC yesterday
                                          Company Description
                                          Calgon Carbon Corp is engaged in the manufacture, supply, reactivation, and application of activated carbons and the manufacture of ballast water treatment, ultraviolet light disinfection, and ion-exchange technologies.