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CHC is defunct.
  • Yuanxi Zhang | Send Message 14 Jun 2014

    China Hydroelectric Corporation: A Safe Deal With 15.0% Annualized Return $CHC
      • Eric Muathe | Send Message 20 Dec 2013

          • Dr. Thomas Carr | Send Message 10 Dec 2013

            $CHC showing pre-breakout moves here...
              • David Collins | Send Message 22 Oct 2013

                China Hydro: attractive "high teens return" over few months as its $2.97 bid is consummated $CHC #arbitrage
                  • LPL Finance | Send Message 15 Jan 2013

                    China Hydroelectric Corp. announces record results for Third Quarter. Definitely a penny stock to look at. $CHC
                      • ACEMAN | Send Message 30 Oct 2012

                        We are buying BHP, lots of cash and under valued at $71.50. Also, we continue to by CHC and its warrants ans STP.
                          • ACEMAN | Send Message 2 Apr 2012

                            XIN and CHC are both sides of the coin on China's two-tiered city housing market: real estate and clean water and electicity.
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                            • ACEMAN | Send Message 4 Apr 2012
                              : DAG1996: I'm sorry to say this, DAG, but you appear to be an absolute fool. It's time to sell XIN and live the good life!
                            • DAG Investments | Send Message 3 May 2012
                              : Yo, what up homie. lol Don't be sorry at all, moron... I know you didn't choose to be that way. Have a lovely day.
                              • ACEMAN | Send Message 12 Dec 2011

                                We continue to buy XSELY up 240% today and CHC also look at the warrants.
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                                • Husky Financial | Send Message 12 Dec 2011
                                  : the market cap is 37 thousand dollars...why dont you just buy the entire company lol
                                  • ACEMAN | Send Message 9 Dec 2011

                                    We continue to buy as insiders are adding to positions of CHC, CTESY, TRMP, XSELY.
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                                    • vinyal | Send Message 9 Dec 2011
                                      : not my investing style sorry
                                      • ACEMAN | Send Message 7 Dec 2011

                                        Revive Black Swans in CHC, CTESY, TRMP, XSELY and others in China and Europe.