Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust

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  • Daniel R Moore | Send Message 10 Nov 2015

    Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust - Favorable Oil SWAPS End, Valuation Unsustainable $CHKR
      • Mark Weisenborn | Send Message 26 Aug 2015

        $CHKR looks a little pricey up here now near $5
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        • dantes1 | Send Message 6 Nov 2015
          : amazing really. Hedges run off end nov. if anyone receives $4 before the trust expires I will be amazed.
          • Daniel R Moore | Send Message 10 Aug 2015

            Chesapeake Granite Wash - Quarterly Distribution Boosts Shares, For How Long? $CHKR
              • dantes1 | Send Message 10 Aug 2015

                As much as I despise $CHKR I checked to short &it has a nard to borrow rate of 37%. This happened last quarter and it rallied a $1.
                  • Shiraz Lakhi | Send Message 1 Jun 2015

                    Most Active Energy #Stocks Trading UP > 2% on STRONG Volume-Spike: $REGI $FRO $CHKR $JPEP $WPT ++
                      • Daniel R Moore | Send Message 15 May 2015

                        Chesapeake Granite Wash - Short-Term Traders Paradise, Long-Term? $CHKR
                          • dantes1 | Send Message 9 May 2015

                            It seems the drop in $CHKR llast week was in response to the Chk earnings report which is largel irrelevant unless CHK goes belly up
                              • dantes1 | Send Message 7 May 2015

                                $CHKR: market likes the 15$ lower distribution and comments that drilling suggests lower volumes ahead and hedges expire sept 30.
                                  • dantes1 | Send Message 6 May 2015

                                    when is this $CHKR going to fess up to its "poultry" dividend (ie.chickenSh%$). ? I am ashamed to admit I once paid over $20.
                                      • dantes1 | Send Message 5 May 2015

                                        $CHKR has a dose of sanity today but is still hard to borrow so could easily pop. Given issues expect $5 by year end
                                          Company Description
                                          Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust owns royalty interests in oil and natural gas producing wells. The Trust has royalty rights to horizontal wells in the Colony Granite Wash area in Washita County, Oklahoma.