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  • Mon, Nov. 28, 8:05 AM
    • In a regulatory filing, health insurer Cigna (NYSE:CI) reports that it expects to confirm 2016 non-GAAP income from operations of $2.025B - 2.095B in upcoming meetings with investors and analysts.
    • It announced its guidance during its November 3 investor conference call.
    | Mon, Nov. 28, 8:05 AM
  • Mon, Nov. 21, 2:10 AM
    • The stakes are high as the DOJ's antitrust case against Anthem (NYSE:ANTM) and Cigna's (NYSE:CI) merger gets underway in Washington, D.C.
    • Expect more of the usual drama: The $54B tie-up is being billed as bad for consumers and both companies have accused each other of breaching their merger agreement.
    • The case will be followed by a second trial involving the proposed combination of Aetna (NYSE:AET) and Humana (NYSE:HUM) on Dec. 5.
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  • Wed, Nov. 9, 3:03 AM
    • Healthcare stocks, the weakest sector this year, may become winners, as Obamacare reforms are set to be "repealed and replaced" and major legislation Clinton proposed is unlikely to be imposed on drugmakers.
    • While Trump hasn't set out a comprehensive alternative to the Affordable Care Act (which may see 22M Americans lose current coverage), he said he'll encourage competition between markets in different states.
    • Insurance stocks: UNH, AET, ANTM, CI, HUM, WCG, CNC, MOH, GTS, HQY
    • Drugmakers premarket: MYL +5.8%, NVS +3.4%, SNY +2.9%, AZN +2.4%, GSK +1.9%, PFE +1.8%, CELG +1%, ABBV, MRK, BMY, LLY, JNJ, ABT, ACET, ZTS, BIIB, REGN
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  • Thu, Nov. 3, 6:40 AM
    • Cigna (NYSE:CI) Q3 results ($M): Total Revenues: 9,880 (+5.2%); Premiums: 7,605 (+3.5%).
    • Net Income: 456 (-16.6%); EPS: 1.76 (-16.2%).
    • 2016 Guidance: Non-GAAP Operating Income: 2,025M - 2,295M; Non-GAAP EPS from Operations: $7.80 - 8.05.
    • Consensus view was EPS of $1.91 on revenues of $9.8B.
    | Thu, Nov. 3, 6:40 AM
  • Thu, Nov. 3, 6:01 AM
    • CIGNA (NYSE:CI): Q3 EPS of $1.94 beats by $0.03.
    • Revenue of $9.88B (+5.3% Y/Y) beats by $40M.
    • Press Release
    | Thu, Nov. 3, 6:01 AM
  • Wed, Nov. 2, 5:30 PM
  • Thu, Oct. 27, 3:41 AM
    • Not only are Obamacare premiums on the rise for 2017, deductibles will also be getting more expensive, according to an analysis by insurance comparison site HealthPocket.
    • Deductibles for individuals enrolled in the lowest-priced Obamacare health plans will average more than $6,000 next year, the first time that threshold has been cracked in the three years that Affordable Care Act marketplaces have been in business. Families enrolled in the bronze plans will average deductibles of $12,393.
    • Previously: Obamacare rates up 25% in 2017 (Oct. 25 2016)
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  • Wed, Oct. 26, 6:44 PM
    • The FDA's controversial approval of Sarepta Therapeutics' (NASDAQ:SRPT) eteplirsen for the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) patients amenable to exon 51 skipping has translated into a difficult path to insurance coverage.
    • Humana says it will cover the $300K+ cost of therapy only for ambulatory DMD patients. Those who are wheelchair-bound or deteriorate to wheelchair status are apparently out of luck.
    • Anthem (NYSE:ANTM) has declined to cover it at all because it considers eteplirsen experimental despite the OK from the FDA.
    • Aetna (NYSE:AET) and Express Scripts (NASDAQ:ESRX) plan to conduct a full clinical review of the drug before deciding to cover. UnitedHealth Group (NYSE:UNH) is considering coverage with a prior authorization while Cigna (NYSE:CI) has only indicated interest in providing coverage.
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  • Tue, Oct. 25, 2:22 AM
    • The average premium for benchmark 2017 Obamacare insurance plans sold on will jump 25% to $302 compared to this year, the biggest increase since the insurance first went on sale in 2013.
    • Seeking to downplay the cost hikes, the administration said that including subsidies 77% of people would be able to find insurance plans with monthly premiums below $100, however, one in five consumers will only have one insurer from which to choose coverage.
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  • Thu, Sep. 22, 3:01 AM
    • Anthem (NYSE:ANTM) and Cigna (NYSE:CI) have accused one another of violating the terms of their merger agreement, according to the Justice Department, which is suing to block the health-insurance deal on antitrust grounds.
    • The claim is part of the DOJ's argument stating efficiencies from the insurers' $45B transaction will likely not bear out.
    • Other disagreements between Anthem and Cigna became public in the spring.
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  • Mon, Aug. 29, 1:38 AM
    • According to an analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly a third of U.S. counties will likely be served by only one insurer that participates in an Affordable Care Act marketplace in 2017, representing an increase from 7% this year.
    • The data underscores the degree to which industry retrenchment from low enrollment and high service costs is curtailing options within the marketplaces.
    • Insurer departures will likely lead to higher prices, analysts have warned.
    • Related tickers: UNH, AET, ANTM, CI, HUM, WCG, CNC, MOH, GTS, HQY
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  • Fri, Aug. 12, 5:48 PM
    • The judge overseeing the Justice Department's bid to stop Anthem (NYSE:ANTM) from merging with Cigna (NYSE:CI) says she will not rule on the deal until early next year, as she sets a Nov. 21 trial date.
    • ANTM had sought a ruling by the end of the year because it said it needed time to wrap up merger reviews by state insurance commissioners by April 30, a deadline the companies set to complete the deal.
    • CI may be unwilling to agree to extend the deadline because of the contentious relationship between the two companies; also, if the deal does not close by April 30, CI can walk away with a $1.85B breakup fee.
    • The stocks had rallied in today's trade, with CI closing +5.2% and ANTM +1.5%, after a DoJ lawyer said the U.S. government is open to a settlement over the merger.
    | Fri, Aug. 12, 5:48 PM
  • Mon, Aug. 8, 7:44 AM
    • Cigna (NYSE:CI) met with investors last week to discuss its merger with Anthem (NYSE:ANTM) and talk about Plan B - stock buybacks or acquisitions - if the deal falls apart, according to notes from Wolfe Research and Goldman Sachs.
    • "This is a sign that Cigna doesn't think that the deal's going to happen," said Les Funtleyder of E Squared Asset Management. "Why would you take the time and expense to meet with investors if you thought that in the short term there was going to be a transaction?"
    • With $2.45B in cash and equivalents at the end of June, plus short-term investments and a $1.85B breakup fee from Anthem, Cigna could have more than $5B to spend by the middle of next year (and could spend even more by taking on debt).
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  • Fri, Aug. 5, 12:57 PM
    • The judge overseeing two U.S. cases challenging mergers among four of the biggest health insurers gave up one, saying he will keep the case against Aetna's (AET +2.4%) deal for Humana (HUM +2.8%) while leaving the challenge to Anthem’s (ANTM +0.7%) takeover of Cigna (CI -0.1%) to another judge.
    • The decision is seen improving the odds for rulings on both mergers by year-end and lowering the chance that they fall apart beforehand.
    • Judge Bates, a Republican who has ruled against the government in the past and has voiced skepticism of various Justice Department actions, is considered more favorable towards the proposed  AET-HUM deal, while the judge assigned to the ANTM-CI case is a Democrat appointed to the bench by Pres. Obama.
    | Fri, Aug. 5, 12:57 PM
  • Wed, Aug. 3, 10:08 AM
    • Anthem (ANTM +0.8%) has asked a judge to decide on its deal for Cigna (CI +0.8%) by the end of the year and to split its case off from the government's challenge of a second merger of insurance companies.
    • The DOJ filed lawsuits on July 21 asking a federal court to stop its takeover as well as Aetna's planned acquisition of Humana.
    • How are they different? Anthem is arguing that while all four companies are health insurers, its deal is concentrated on commercial health insurance while the other merger is focused on Medicare Advantage.
    | Wed, Aug. 3, 10:08 AM
  • Fri, Jul. 29, 11:13 AM
    • CIGNA (CI -4.7%) Q2 results: Total Revenues: $9,960M (+4.9%); Adjusted Operating Income: $515M (-22.4%); Net Income: $510M (-13.3%); EPS: $1.97 (-12.8%); Non-GAAP EPS: $1.98 (-22.4%); Quick Assets: $2B.
    • 2016 Guidance: Adjusted income from operations: $2.02B - 2.11B; Adjusted income from operations per share: $7.75 - 8.10.
    | Fri, Jul. 29, 11:13 AM