Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. (CLMT) - NASDAQ
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    Update on $CLMT, $EEP, $CVRR shorts in latest comment (dated 7/6/2016) here:
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        Shares of Calumet Specialty Products Partners ($CLMT) rose 11.9% in June. Here is why:
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            Refinery Q2 Profits Or Lack Thereof: CLMT, CVRR, NTI, ALDW, EPD $CLMT, $CVRR, $EPD
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                Its Time To Stop Ignoring Calumet Specialty Products Units. $CLMT
                  • SaltyDog62 | Send Message 4 May

                    $CLMT gets to 2.50 or less, I am in.
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               Oversold Stock: $LMCK, $LMCA ; Most Volatile Stock: $SDRL, $SDLP, $HRTX, $EXAS, $CRC, $CLMT, $EXK
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                            Top % Losers: $CPST -27%, $AAOI -25%, $ILMN -24%, $JDST -16%, $DGAZ -13%, $DUST -12%, $NFLX -11%, $DWTI -10% $GASX $ANAC $DRIP $CLMT $RUSS
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                                Initiated $CLDT; added to $BF.B, $CSCO. Sold $CLMT - low quality legacy holding.
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                                • TraderJoeF | Send Message 18 Apr
                                  : Very discretionary income-esque...But with good employment people will need business trips. Hopefully will last a while
                                • SkipK | Send Message 18 Apr
                                  : Same here. Don't like hotels REITs but CLDT properties & locations look exceptional plus $10M owned by CEO.
                                  • Eric Muathe | Send Message 18 Apr

                                    [ VIDEO ] $STUDY $LMCA $CLMT "Three Year MONTHLY RSI & MACD Lows"
                                      • det9 | Send Message 18 Apr

                                        $CLMT under 5 will be soon..
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                                        • hfeamer | Send Message 19 Apr
                                          : THEY HAVE WAY TO MANY POSITIVE ASSETS; WILL HELP THEM THRU THIS CRISIS!
                                          Company Description
                                          Calumet Specialty Products Partners LP engages in the production of specialty hydrocarbon products in North America. It operates through three business segments: Specialty, Fuel Products and Oilfield Services. The Specialty Products segment processes crude oil and other feedstocks into a wide... More
                                          Industry: Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing
                                          Country: United States