Cleantech Solutions International, Inc. (CLNT) - NASDAQ
  • fidel george | Send Message 26 Jul

    long $CLNT for hod squeeze and dailyt breakout over 1.80
      • JennyRebekka | Send Message 21 Jul

        China micros going nuts. $CLNT maybe next. Past runner. On watch.
          • wilkinson99 | Send Message 7 Jun

            Top % Gainers: $CALI 157%, $EAC 124%, $AEHR 63%, $LDRH 63%, $CLWT 50%, $GEVO 25%, $SRPT 24%, $NAV 19%, $ELTK $CLNT $HMNY $UNFI $GSI $URRE
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                The Stock Market's Biggest Stock Gainers For December 1, 2015 $GIGA, $CLNT, $DHRM
                  • kkflash | Send Message 16 Nov 2015

                    $CLNT 3rd Q sales disappointing but still selling for less than book value, & still quite profitable. Oversold due to shortseller comments.
                      • Investor RockieK | Send Message 10 Sep 2015

                        $DEER $CLNT $HEAT Busted!!! Finally!
                          • ComputerBlue | Send Message 21 Aug 2014

                            $CLNT: Buy it now...I think. :)
                              • Dutch Trader | Send Message 16 May 2014

                                A lot of Chinese US-listed China stocks are having a hard time! Until now the only ones that present good results are $ONP $CLNT $KGJI
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                                • gsterling | Send Message 16 May 2014
                                  : Yes it's been pretty bad between their economy slowing, labor costs rising, and the ever present concern of frauds.
                                • gsterling | Send Message 16 May 2014
                                  : Glad I got out of $GPRC when I did. Down almost 50% since then due to poor earnings and charges against the promoters of their stock.
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                           Premarket Trading Ideas for April 1st: $APOL, $UNF, $MON, $MNKD, $EXEL, $DRTX, $BIOF, $WATT, $BSTG, $CLNT
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                                      : and $AMRN also has good news.
                                      • Eric Muathe | Send Message 31 Mar 2014

                                        [VIDEO] Market Analysis Week of Mar/31/2014 $DJIA $ES_F $SPY $XLF $BAC $HALO $CLNT $PCYC $UNG $SINA $BWLD
                                          Company Description
                                          Cleantech Solutions International, Inc. engages in manufacturing of metal components and assemblies used in various clean technology and manufacturing industries and textile dyeing and finishing machines. It supplies fabricated products and machining services to a range of clean technology... More
                                          Industry: Metal Fabrication
                                          Country: China