China Cord Blood Corporation(CO)- NYSE
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    'Unfair' Chinese ADR Buyout May Go Through $CO
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        Chinese 'Squeeze Outs' In American Stock Markets And The Need To Protect U.S. Investors $GOMO, $CO, $WX
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            earnings next week $ARWR,$AVAV,$BONA,$BRCD,$BZUN,$CNTF,$CO,$CPRT,$CUB,$DANG
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                stock trades like there is much more than $1.4BB to the story. Any Clue what this means per share? $CO
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                    $1.4B Offer for China Cord! $CO
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                      : stock trades like no news?
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                        Bidding War For China Cord Blood Could Mean Tremendous Upside $CO
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                            Cordlife has received unsolicited offer for their $CO shares and CB. The third party could be Zhongyuan Union.
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                                $CO continues to be on an absolute tear, up 50% in last 3 months
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                                    China Cord Blood: Attractive Buyout Target With 22.4% Upside And Minimal Bloodletting $CO
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                                        Our Analysts Find a Handbag We Can All Profit From in YMM's Latest Article $KORS $CO $RL $FOSL
                                          Company Description
                                          China Cord Blood Corp. engages in the provision of cord blood banking services. It provides cord blood processing and storage services for expectant parents interested in capturing the opportunities made available by evolving medical treatments and technologies such as cord blood transplants.... More
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Industry: Medical Laboratories & Research
                                          Country: United States