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Cocrystal Pharma, Inc. (COCP)

  • dindin21 | Send Message 12 Mar

    $GILD $COCP is coming for you. Great presentation today.
      • dindin21 | Send Message 4 Mar

        $COCP conference next week to gather institutional interest. Reverse split coming along with partnership and program update on their Hep C
          • dindin21 | Send Message 23 Feb

            $COCP been pounding table since .29 on this one. Lots of room to run on this one.
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            • InstaBen | Send Message 24 Feb
              : took some profits at .80, kickin myself! loved your comment on Oct 7th
              • Minding | Send Message 10 Feb

                $COCP: A peer into the black box:
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                • dindin21 | Send Message 10 Feb
                  : There is nothing interesting in there....What do you find interesting? Everything of importance is on their website.
                  • dindin21 | Send Message 7 Dec 2014

                    $COCP investor info current as of 11-30-14. Looks like it was last updated 12-2-14
                      • Leonard Yaffe | Send Message 27 Nov 2014

                        Cocrystal Pharma: Small Cap Company With Transformative Merger $COCP
                          • dindin21 | Send Message 7 Oct 2014

                            $COCP Sell me your shares!!
                              • ocls_pk | Send Message 1 Oct 2014

                                $CDXC Deal with Life Extension. Frost stocks $CDXC, $VAPOD, $PGLC, $ROX, $IDI, $OPK, $COCP, $SVON
                                  • ocls_pk | Send Message 29 Sep 2014

                                    $LTS Dr Frost stock taking off. Other Frost stocks to catch before they takeoff imo: $CDXC, $VAPOD, $PGLC, $ROX, IDI, $OPK, $COCP, $SVON
                                      • dindin21 | Send Message 30 Jul 2014

                                        $COCP 7500 shares traded today.......ha
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