Teucrium Corn ETF

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  • wilkinson99 | Send Message 8 Feb

    Grain ETN $JJG dropped 0.62 (1.99%) last week, fell below 20dMA on Friday; S/T momentum trending down $WEAT $CORN
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    • wilkinson99 | Send Message 8 Feb
      • AlpineTrading2016 | Send Message 4 Feb

        Key Commodities Are Starting To Move - BE READY! $USO, $CORN, $SBB http://seekingalpha.com/p/2u9j6
          • Richard Suttmeier | Send Message 29 Jan

            It's Time To Reduce The Use Of Corn-Based Ethanol In Gasoline $CORN http://seekingalpha.com/a/2ah20
              • ValueWalk | Send Message 20 Jan

                How Well Do ETFs Track Futures? [CHART] http://bit.ly/1ZMGisT $USO $CORN $BNO $UNG $JO $HOGS $SOYB $WEAT $CATL $BAL $NIB $CANE
                  • jadtecnic | Send Message 16 Jan

                    $WEAT $CORN $SOYB Can Grain ETFs Sustain the Recent Rally? - http://bit.ly/1Pxx9ty
                      • Mad Hedge Fund Trader | Send Message 17 Dec 2015

                        Deflation Is Accelerating $USO, $CORN http://seekingalpha.com/p/2rjf8
                          • ValueWalk | Send Message 16 Dec 2015

                            ETFs Vs Futures Tracking http://bit.ly/1P7QGFa $USO $BNO $BAL $HOGS $CANE $SOYB $WEAT $CORN $JO $NIB $UNG $CATL $GSG $IAU $SLV
                              • Dr. Kris | Send Message 10 Nov 2015

                                Softs slipping: Ag etfs hitting all-time lows $CORN $COW $SOYB.
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                                • Dr. Kris | Send Message 12 Nov 2015
                                  : DAL was a wise man.
                                • MtBudmoreView | Send Message 23 Nov 2015
                                  : Both he and Bob Hope had it right on.
                                  • Crude Oil Trader | Send Message 8 Nov 2015

                                    Mike Seerys Weekly Recap of the Natural Gas, Gold, Silver, Copper and Corn Markets > http://tinyurl.com/omo88r8 $UNG $SLV $CORN
                                      • Mad Hedge Fund Trader | Send Message 29 Oct 2015

                                        El Niño Is Closing In On Your Portfolio $CORN, $SOYB, $DBA http://seekingalpha.com/p/2ocfi
                                          CORN Description
                                          The investment objective of the Fund is to have the daily changes in percentage terms of the Shares’ net asset value (“NAV”) reflect the daily changes in percentage terms of a weighted average of the closing settlement prices for three futures contracts for corn (“Corn Futures Contracts”) that are traded on the Chicago Board of Trade (“CBOT”), specifically (1) the second-to-expire CBOT Corn Futures Contract, weighted 35%, (2) the third-to-expire CBOT Corn Futures Contract, weighted 30%, and (3) the CBOT Corn Futures Contract expiring in the December following the expiration month of the third-to-expire contract, weighted 35%, less the Fund’s expenses. (This weighted average of the three referenced Corn Futures Contracts is referred to herein as the “Benchmark,” and the three Corn Futures Contracts that at any given time make up the Benchmark are referred to herein as the “Benchmark Component Futures Contracts.
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