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  • Faloh Investment | Send Message 30 Jun

    $CRDS stock price was in sub-dollar range after long decline, reverse split sometime in 2nd quarter 2016 brought it up to $4.00
      • pweezy2 | Send Message 14 Jun

        $gevo and $crds n $xgti will spike up tm n run til Friday I said it here first get in before the train takes off!!
          • muldoon1959 | Send Message 4 Mar

            $CRDS Sayonara to one of my long-term speculative lottery tickets. I made the bet on their patent strength and tape storage technology.
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            • tromur | Send Message 7 Mar
              : I said sayonara at $1.40 last fall at a loss. not sure I'll ever do a patent play again.
            • muldoon1959 | Send Message 7 Mar
              : I hear you. The Markman ruling on this made it that more perplexing and excruciating. Whatever. Next.
              • rwstiles | Send Message 29 Jan

                $CRDS - lawyers got paid, $NT revisited. Cheerleaders led all down to nothingness. What happened to the sure-bet lawsuit win.
                  • b1bart | Send Message 29 Jan

                    $CRDS Case IPR2014-01197 Link to PDF file
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                    • b1bart | Send Message 29 Jan
                      : yes, good move
                    • Monolith Investments | Send Message 29 Jan
                      : I had a small position that I considered (almost) a lottery ticket. J. Eberwein and insiders going to lose a lot of money...
                      • Monolith Investments | Send Message 29 Jan

                        Is there any news out on $CRDS ?
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                        • b1bart | Send Message 29 Jan
                          : Here is the link to the latest IPR Case
                        • genesis4444 | Send Message 29 Jan
                          : Would you mind guiding me to the source? I can't find any info.. Thanks!
                          • Tom Shaughnessy | Send Message 1 Dec 2015

                            We love what we do, and we do it for you! $SPY $IWC $SPCB $RDCM $QQQ $DIA $VHC $ORCL $SPEX $VZ $CRDS $IVFH $WFCF $SHSP
                              • Tom Shaughnessy | Send Message 29 Nov 2015

                                17 Hours left... ...$SPY $IWC $IWM $SPX $DIA $AAPL $GOOGL $SPCB $RDCM $FB $SHSP $VHC $PNTR $CRDS $ORCL $XPLR
                                  • Faloh Investment | Send Message 8 Nov 2015

                                    Crossroads Systems: Activist At The Helm $CRDS
                                      • Henry Davies | Send Message 21 Oct 2015

                                        $CRDS nice article on tape storage. Helps illustrate the huge opportunity for CRDS' Strongbox.