Cornerstone Total Return Fund(CRF)- NYSEMKT
  • Bravotwo | Send Message 17 May

    High-Yield Cornerstone CEFs: Too Good To Be True $CLM, $CRF
      • Chameleon Trader | Send Message 11 Jun 2015

        Cornerstone Total Return: Yield Illusion Creates Substantial Downside $CRF
          • Chris K. | Send Message 15 Oct 2014

            Cornerstone funds $CLM $CFP $CRF plan for reverse split 4:1 on or about 12/31/14
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            • Chris K. | Send Message 15 Oct 2014
              : What is going to happen to the dividend yields now on these?
            • KarmaRising | Send Message 15 Oct 2014
              : Well... I got out only loosing my transaction fee and kept just a small amount to play it safe for now.
              • Butch747 | Send Message 31 May 2014

                $CRF is priced to buy/hold. Look for ups and downs that are mild compared to this May. Look to receive high pay/low risk ride through 2014.
                  • Betalyst | Send Message 6 Nov 2013

                    The top 5 funds in the CEF Universe: $CRF, $CRM, $CFP, $OXLC, and $GGN
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                      : You should read this
                    • Betalyst | Send Message 8 Nov 2013
                      : Just uploaded this $PGP
                      • candlestickpicks | Send Message 9 Dec 2010

                        $CRF completed a Inverted Black Hammer candlestick pattern on 12/09/2010. Look for an upward price movement on 12/10/2010
                          • Dan Plettner | Send Message 9 Apr 2010

                            Closed Long Position in CFP today. Short CRF and CLM.
                              Company Description
                              Cornerstone Total Return Fund Inc is a closed-end management investment company. The Fund's investment objective is to seek long-term capital appreciation through investment in equity securities of U.S. and non-U.S. companies.
                              Sector: Financial
                              Industry: Closed-End Fund - Equity
                              Country: United States